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Warning: contains preview images for The Ocean Will Take Us #1!

The Ocean Will Take Us, a new series from AfterShock Comics, pits a group of high school students against a dark, supernatural conspiracy with far reaching implications. The series, the first issue of which goes on sale in print and digital April 6, is written by Rich Douek, illustrated by Carlos Oliveras, colored by Manuel Puppo and lettered by Dave Sharpe.

AfterShock Comics, spearheaded by former Marvel editor Mike Marts, entered the market in 2015, quickly becoming one of the most exciting new publishers in the industry. The company specializes in creator-owned work and since its founding, the company has attracted top talent, such as Garth Ennis and Paul Cornell; it has also served as a springboard for new talent as well, such as Roy Miranda and Inaki Miranda. AfterShock will now add award-winning writer Rich Douek to its roster; Douek has been behind titles such as Road of Bones and Sea of Sorrows in addition to titles for Marvel. Fans and critics have responded to Douek’s dark, horror-inflected work and now he is bringing those sensibilities to AfterShock, with a new supernatural conspiracy thriller called The Ocean Will Take Us.

AfterShock has provided Screen Rant with a look at the series, including preview art, shared below. Set in the ocean side city of Almanzar Bay, The Ocean Will Take Us opens when high schooler Casey March goes out for the swim team. March and his friends believe the team is using performance enhancing drugs and as they dig deeper, they learn of a vast conspiracy, one that threatens not only their lives and the lives of everyone they love, but the entire world as well. High school can be hell, and Douek acknowledged this, calling it “one of the most horrifying places on Earth.” He also acknowledged The Ocean Will Take Us’ debt to popular teen movies such as The Breakfast Club and Karate Kid, as well as TV shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

The movies and television shows Douek cites are classics, not only because they tell good stories but because they perfectly capture the social aspects of the teenage experience, be it cliques or romantic relationships. The Ocean Will Take Us continues this tradition, and takes it up a notch, pitting a band of misfits against a terrifying conspiracy threatening everything they love. These students dared to violate the social norms, and now they will pay for it. Douek promises The Oceans Will Take Us will “not skimp” on the horror he is known for, particularly as the story develops.

Navigating the social minefield of high school can be terrifying, and AfterShock Comics' new series The Oceans Will Take Us ramps that horror up by introducing a sinister conspiracy into the mix.

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