Fawkes & Fritella team for ALL NIGHT & EVERY DAY

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Via The Beat:

AfterShock Comics is expanding its series of ‘One-Shock’ done-in-one specials this December. The publisher has announced All Night & Every Day, a new one-shot from writer Ray Fawkes, artist Andrea Frittella, colorist Sara Colella, and letterer Matt Krotzer.

Here’s how AfterShock describes All Night & Every Day:

It’s time to party! While celebrating is the last thing grief-stricken introvert Michaela wants to do, her friends drag her out for the night and end up trapping her in a hellish curse: a party that never ends, with no way to escape…not even by dying!  

Now she must navigate the labyrinth of the legendary Banquet Hideous all on her own and learn its terrible secrets before she is consumed forever!  

All Night & Every Day is the latest AfterShock Comics work from writer Ray Fawkes, who previously wrote the 2016 series Jackpot! with artist Marco Failla. It’s the first work for the publisher from Italian artist Andrea Frittella, and looks to be his first U.S. work overall. Frittella’s previous work as both writer and artist includes the graphic novel Borgata Gordiani, released in Italian by publisher Edizioni BD in 2019.

In a statement announcing the new one-shot, Fawkes spoke a bit about the book and what he’s looking forward to people seeing:

“ALL NIGHT & EVERY DAY is a horror book about parties, and it’s for all the people who’ve ever found themselves stuck at a party they hated. Of course the party in this book is a very special kind of celebration – but I won’t spoil what that is before the book comes out! I’m excited because this is an idea I’ve been working on for quite some time, and it’s really something unique. Andrea Fritella has brought the story to jaw-dropping, stylish life, and I can’t wait for people to see it.”

Check out an unlettered preview of the one-shot below. All Night & Every Day is due out in stores and digitally on Wednesday, December 14th.


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