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Warning: contains preview images for Midnight Rose!

Jim Starlin, legendary creator of Thanos, returns this April with a new horror one-shot from AfterShock Comics, titled Midnight Rose. Starlin, whose career highlights include not only Thanos but the entire Infinity Saga as well, will team with previous collaborator artist Nikkol Jelenic for the new book, which goes on sale in print and digital April 13.

Since their founding in 2015, AfterShock Comics has published some of the most exciting and innovative comics in North America, helmed by some of comics’ top creators, including Garth Ennis, Paul Jenkins and Cullen Bunn; they were awarded Best New Publisher by Diamond Distributors in 2107. Now the company can add Jim Starlin to its ranks. Over the course of a nearly 50-year career, Starlin created not only Thanos, but also spearheaded the entire Infinity Saga, which formed the backbone of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Starlin has also had noteworthy runs on Batman (where he created the KGBeast) and Captain Marvel; he also created Dreadstar. Now, Starlin brings his creative genius to AfterShock, for a brand new one-shot titled Midnight Rose. The book will be illustrated by Nikkol Jelenic, colored by DC Alonso and letters by Dave Sharpe. Jelenic will provide the standard cover with Starlin providing a variant.

AfterShock Comics has provided more details on the book, including a look at Jelenic’s cover, shared below. While exact plot details were mum, AfterShock described the title as “a journey through the life of a singular, frightening and very human creature: Midnight Rose.” The press release described the one-shot as “bizarre” and a story of vengeance. Both Starlin and Jelenic offered their thoughts on both the one-shot and working with each other. Midnight Rose will have a flower theme running through it, and Starlin revealed that Jelenic, whose is also a floral arranger, helped inspire the story; he also cited characters such as Poison Ivy as inspiration. This was not the first time the two have worked together, and Jelenic revealed it was “amazing” to work with Starlin again. When asked how it felt to work with Aftershock, Starlin had some pointed comments for his previous publisher—Marvel, saying he did not fear an editor sabotaging his story as they did at Marvel.

Over the course of almost 50 years, Jim Starlin has had one of comics’ most illustrious careers; creating Thanos and the Infinity Saga is the feather in the cap. While the Mad Titan and his pursuit of the Infinity Stones may go down as Starlin’s definitive work, he has also produced a vast body of work, such as Dreadstar and Warlock, that also stand the test of time. Midnight Rose shows that after five decades, Jim Starlin still has plenty of awesome stories left.

Jim Starlin is so much more than the creator of Thanos and this April he returns to comics with a new horror one-shot with artist Nikkol Jelenic in Midnight Rose from AfterShock Comics.

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