Where Starships Go to Die TPB

Where Starships Go to Die TPB

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What in Hell is Happening at Point Nemo?

Point Nemo – the farthest oceanic point on earth from any landmass. A spacecraft graveyard where rockets and satellites can be safely ditched on the ocean floor. In a near future ravaged by climate change, an African astronaut teams with an Indian shipping magnate to mount a dangerous salvage mission to recover the wreck of humanity's first interstellar starship. But what they find is beyond their worst nightmares.  

Mark Sable (MISKATONIC, WAR ON TERROR: GODKILLERS) and Alberto Locatelli (The Believers, Cinque) bring you a sci-fi horror tale that will make you rethink the space race.

This 128-page volume contains the entire series, issues #1-5.