Descendent: The Complete Series TPB

Descendent: The Complete Series TPB

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Some Secrets Should Stay That Way.

Conspiracy theories, government corruption and a really good mixtape of Prince drives David Corey to help solve the mysterious disappearance of a famous politician’s son. When David realizes that the truth is much more dangerous than a kidnapping, he must battle ancient secrets that have endangered the lives of children for centuries.

From Stephanie Phillips (Devil WithinThe Butcher of Paris) and Evgeniy Bornyakov (YOU ARE OBSOLETE, MeteoraZiggy), DESCENDENT is a conspiracy-fueled adventure story that looks at the darker side of American history through the eyes of an unlikely team of heroes. If they fail, the American government and its people may not survive. This collected edition includes issues #1-5.

“…an exceptionally efficient, well-constructed debut…the elements are all there, the plot is in high gear – hang on, this is gonna be fun.” – MULTIVERSITY COMICS