Clans of Belari: The Complete Series

Clans of Belari: The Complete Series

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Rules are meant to be broken.


1. No person or Clan may exit the system.

2. No person or Clan may do the Designated Work of another Clan.

3. Clans may not merge.

4. Any person that breaks a Primary Law shall be made Outcast.

On the far side of the galaxy, an isolated branch of humanity is trapped in a feudal dystopia. Order is maintained by a system of oppression, until an orphaned girl and her incorrigible adoptive father sow the seeds of a revolution and unite the clans against a fearsome alien threat.

A vast and enthralling sci-fi adventure written by Rob Blackie and Peter Blackie (creators and writers of Netflix’s historical action-adventure series, Frontier) and illustrated by Daniel Maine, this 128-page volume collects the entire space-faring series, issues #1-4.