• WriterBrandon Thomas
  • ArtistLee Ferguson
  • ColoristJose Villarrubia
  • LettererSimon Bowland

Winston Wallis is the last human living in a world populated by demons, monsters and enormous creatures known as Colossals who all picked up where humanity left off – lying, stealing, cheating and killing.

Which is good for Win – he’s a private investigator looking into petty secrets of the monsters who employ him. Years ago he was more: a detective who solved real crimes…until he was fired from the force.

Now, his ex-partner needs help with solving a new murder…that of the world’s largest Colossal. Win is hesitant to get involved, but his partner has an ace up his sleeve – he knows Win’s secret, the magical curse that gives Win uncanny good luck and an ability to survive dangerous situations.

Can Win’s impossible luck last? Or will this new case finally be his death? Win certainly hopes so…