• WriterAlex Segura, Rex Ogle, Marguerite Bennett
  • ArtistJoe Eisma, Joe Phillips
  • ColoristJuancho!, Manuel Puppo
  • LettererCharles Pritchett
  • CoverJoe Eisma

In the small town of Arcadia Heights sits an abandoned house with an open door, daring anyone to enter it. Soon a ragtag band of teenage misfits will do just that and return with a darkness the likes of which this world has never seen.

Featuring an original prologue to THE DARKNESS WE BROUGHT BACK, a YA OGN from the minds of Alex Segura, Rex Ogle and Joe Eisma, plus an all-new story from the critically acclaimed and much loved world of ANIMOSITY, written by series creator, Marguerite Bennett! A perfect blend of fun, suspense, adventure and intrigue, SEISMIC STORIES breaks new ground in the AfterShock FCBD tradition.