On Sale: April 2023

Samurai Doggy #05

  • Release: 2023-04-05
  • Order Code: OCT221225

A hugely powerful machine threatens the life of Samurai Doggy and a fierce battle begins.

Without much time to think, Doggy must fight against this new technology of the Clan Empire and try to survive this surprise attack by the robot playground park gang.

Maniac of NY: Don't Call it a Comeback #02

  • Release: 2023-04-12
  • Order Code: NOV221074

Maniac Mary continues her bloody rampage, and a surprising number of New Yorkers - with a little assistance from certain media outlets and politicians - have decided she's just what New York needs. Can Detective Zelda Pettibone convince ex-Maniac Task Force Director Gina Greene to help save the city from itself? Can she do it before the Met Gala presents the newer, faster, more popular Maniac with her biggest target yet?

And yes, that's right, I buried the lede, this issue we finally find out what Sadie Sinister is wearing to the Met Gala!

Bulls of Beacon Hill #04

  • Release: 2023-04-26
  • Order Code: FEB230961

Surgeon Christopher Boldt is a local Boston celebrity. The only problem? So is his father -  notorious gangster Orin Paige. Threatened by Christopher's upcoming city council run and the newfound fame it will bring, Orin has done the unthinkable. He's put a hit on his own son in a desperate attempt to protect his tenuous position of power in Boston's underworld. Orin would rather his son be dead than the world know he's the father of a gay son - but unfortunately, Christopher isn't willing to comply.

Now, with the betrayals mounting and Chris losing friends and family by the minute, father and son prepare for the final battle.

Chicken Devils #03

  • Release: 2023-04-19
  • Order Code: OCT221222

Feeling pressure from all sides, The Chicken Devil must choose between planning an exit strategy from his secret life as a kill-crazy vigilante or losing his family forever. Unfortunately for Mitch, the personal agendas of his partners-in-crime and actual family make this a real freaking Sophie's Choice...