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Order Code: SEP181387
On Sale: DECEMBER 2018

Writer: Cullen Bunn

Artist: Dalibor Talajic

Colorist: Sebastijan Camagajevac

Letterer: Marshall Dillon

Cover: Dalibor Talajic and Sebastijan Camagajevac


The word conjures images of hags in black robes and crooked hats, standing over cauldrons of bubbling brew. But witches are among us, and we do not realize it. They are our friends and neighbors. They are our family members. They are our idols.

And someone is murdering them.

Agents Frontenac and Guinness are on the killer’s trail. But as they delve deeper into the hidden, magical world around them, they are haunted by a terrifying question – Is the killer doing the right thing?

64 binge-worthy pages of mayhem, murder and magic from master storyteller CULLEN BUNN with art by DALIBOR TALAJIC, presented in an oversized hardcover edition.

The first in a distinctive collection of compelling stories crafted by master storytellers and told in the way they were meant to be told.

Original Graphic Novels from AfterShock.
Shockingly Exceptional.

Rating: 17+

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