Trust Fall


TRUST FALL #1 Chris Visions cover
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TRUST FALL #1 Claire Roe 1:10 incentive cover
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Writer: Christopher Sebela

Artist: Chris Visions

Letterer: Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou

Regular Cover Artist: Chris Visions


Ash Parsons was raised to believe she’s special. As someone with a quirk of genetics that lets her teleport things, she’s the golden goose of her family — the foundation of a struggling criminal outfit.

Ash is able to pop out whole fleets of cars and entire bank vaults. But while she can teleport valuables and her accomplices, she can’t teleport herself — making every job a trust fall with her family there to catch her and escort her to safety. It’s a perfect setup, but as things begin to change and the Parsons move up in the world, Ash will find herself pushing back against her golden cage, with deadly results.

Dead Letters’ Christopher Sebela (COLD WAR, Shanghai Red) and Chris Visions (Spider-Gwen, Bitch Planet) reunite for a criminally provocative tale of give-and-take with a style all its own.

Rating: 15+

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TRUST FALL #2 Chris Visions cover
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As the cops close in, Ash Parsons might take the fall for her family’s latest heist.

But in order to understand why her family has abandoned her, Ash must stay free — and so she sets out to explore the city she’s been isolated from her whole life. As her family’s new masters, Dead Flag, looms, the answers Ash digs up might destroy her world before she destroys theirs.

Brought to life by Christopher Sebela (COLD WAR, Crowded, Shanghai Red, High Crimes) and Chris Visions (Dead Letters, Spider-Gwen, Bitch Planet), TRUST FALL is the crime drama you won’t want to miss!

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