STRAYER #1 Juan Gedeon cover
STRAYER #1 Cully Hamner 1:10 incentive cover
Order Code: NOV151014
On Sale: JANUARY 2016

Writer: Justin Jordan

Artist: Juan Gedeon

Colorist: Tamra Bonvillain

Letterer: Rachel Deering

Regular Cover Artist: Juan Gedeon & Tamra Bonvillain

The world is full of monsters.  Strayer kills them, but, of course, for a small fee… Nothing is free. Mala does magic of a sort… sometimes when she wants, sometimes not… She may be the only one who can save the world and Strayer is going to help her… whether he likes it or not…

From the popular creators behind the Luther Strode trilogy, Spread, and Ghost Racers.

Rating: 15+

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STRAYER #2 Juan Gedeon cover
Order Code: DEC150959
On Sale: FEBRUARY 2016

Strayer #2

Strayer and Mala discover that on the road, bandits are a huge problem. Not quite as big a problem as four-armed tiger-monkey demons, but still….
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STRAYER #3 Juan Gedeon cover
Order Code: JAN161026
On Sale: MARCH 2016

Strayer #3

Blood-crazed Kashas all around our heroes! Bandits beside them! An army coming to kill them! Strayer and Mala have had better days…
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STRAYER #4 Juan Gedeon cover
Order Code: MAR161017
On Sale: MAY 2016

Strayer #4

Normal, everyday Kashas are usually quite the problem for Strayer, so why is he happy to see a giant one? This action-packed series full of swords, monsters and adventure takes no rest as Justin Jordan and Juan Gedeon kick things into high gear!
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STRAYER #5 Juan Gedeon cover
Order Code: APR161175
On Sale: AUGUST 2016

Strayer #5

Our heroes are discovered by the mysterious Church of the Grammar. Knowing Strayer and Mala, this probably won’t end well.
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