On Our Way

Disaster Inc. #1 In Shops 5/20. Dead Day #1 In Shops 5/27.

In response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, things we once took for granted are rapidly changing – and the comics industry is no exception. As more and more states, provinces and localities enact precautionary measures to ensure the safety of all members of our communities, many comic shops have had to temporarily close to the public.* In response to this situation and to help as many comic shops as possible weather the storm, we at AfterShock Comics recently announced that we would shift our publication schedule down the calendar, delaying release by about a month of new debuts like DISASTER INC. #1 and DEAD DAY #1, critical second issues like JOIN THE FUTURE #2 and ARTEMIS & THE ASSASSIN #2, third issues of hit series THE MAN WHO F#%&ED UP TIME, UNDONE BY BLOOD and GODKILLERS, and so on.

Around the same time, Diamond Comic Distributors, the good folks who actually get our comics and graphic novels into your local comic shop, announced similar measures, putting a hold on all shipments to all comic shops starting in April.

Rest assured that once restrictions are lifted, all your favorite AfterShock titles will be waiting for you in your pull boxes and on the shelves of comic shops everywhere.  We, along with our creators and your local comic shop, can’t wait to be able to bring them to you again.

Until then, follow us here, via our weekly Rumblings newsletter and on social media for in-depth conversations with our creators (our 2020 VISIONaries), as well as sneak peeks of works in progress and what’s to come.

Stay strong. Stay safe. Stay AfterShock.

*A good number of local shops are still taking orders and, where possible, have made arrangements for local pickup and mail order. Please check with yours by phone, email or social media as to their situation.