The Spies Have It!

“If you want to go on a fascinating journey involving current real issues relative to national security, combine the extraordinary experience of a former Russian Federal Security Services officer with exceptional creative storytelling and you have the compelling story presented in RED ATLANTIS. Having collaborated with Janosh Neumann for a couple of years, I can attest that the route you follow will be an enjoyable ride.” – Dennis Franks, Supervisory Special Agent FBI (Retired)

“Who says that an ex elite deep cover KGB agent cannot enjoy a graphic fiction series about Russian espionage?  Just as was the case with the TV series “The Americans” – but at a much higher octane level – RED ATLANTIS grabs you and won’t let you go.  I can’t wait for the next episode.”  – Jack Barsky, retired deep cover KGB agent and author of “Deep Undercover”

“…a fascinating work of spy fiction that provides a unique look at today’s geopolitical threat landscape through the eyes of two world-class intelligence professionals. An imaginative and entertaining sci-fi narrative that draws on the pair’s real-life experiences as FSB officers, RED ATLANTIS is a wild ride. It’s exactly the type of read I’ve been waiting for.” – Justin Rohrlich, Emmy-winning Investigating Journalist


“RED ATLANTIS does an excellent job of developing a diverse array of characters that will appeal to a broad range of readers.  Though fiction, the stories closely mirror real-life events, are relatable, and are highly engaging.  I am particularly partial to Special Agent Christine Cook as it is refreshing to see strong female characters in non-gender normative roles.  The graphics are exciting and engaging!” – Tracy Walder,former CIA officer

“RED ATLANTIS is a spy story that pops from beginning to end. Written by two spies who know what they’re talking about, I’d be surprised if we don’t soon see it up on the screen.” – Robert Baer, 21-year CIA veteran operative

Ripped from tomorrow’s headlines, RED ATLANTIS is a supernatural political espionage thriller that could not be more relevant to the state of anxiety that everybody is experiencing right now.

Written by Stephanie Phillips and illustrated by Robert Carey – with colors by Rosh and letters by Troy Peteri – the series was actually created by real-life spy, Janosh Neumann, former operative of the FSB Investigative Directorate (successor to the KGB), along with his wife, Victorya. The Neumanns are extremely well connected in the intelligence and counterintelligence communities (let’s just leave it at that, ok?). Here’s what some of Jan and Victorya’s friends, colleagues and associates have to say about RED ATLANTIS:


“RED ATLANTIS rips issues from the headlines to tell a compelling story about mind control, hacking, conspiracy and deception – issues that are impacting our national security today. Jan and Victorya are the real deal and bring their experience in international espionage and criminal activity to the pages of RED ATLANTIS. I am eager to read more in the series. – John Sipher, 28 years in the CIA’s clandestine service

“RED ATLANTIS promises  that art will imitate life in the form of a political thriller that will mirror the real world.  Jan Neumann has the street credentials of a former intelligence officer in Russia’s Federal Security Service.  Not only does Jan creatively bring spying to life through RED ATLANTIS, but the comic brings to life the post-Cold War world that swirls in the shadows of organized crime, spying and back alley competition between Americans and their Russian adversaries.   I highly recommend stepping into the shadowy world that RED ATLANTIS delivers.Christopher P. Costa, former U.S. intelligence officer and Executive Director of the International Spy Museum, Washington, D.C.

If you like spy thrillers, you will love RED ATLANTIS…Jan and Victorya clearly know the genre; their extensive intelligence backgrounds and compelling graphics help bring this story to life. It is highly relevant to current events and could have been pulled from tomorrow’s headlines. I’m eager to continue reading the series!” – Sarah M. Carlson, former CIA officer and author of “In the Dark of War”


“Back in the day, the KGB carefully investigated parapsychology.  Red Atlantis asks us to imagine what the world might look like today if that investment had paid off…  All I can say is that I’m glad I’m not an American intelligence officer having to deal with the Russian challenge portrayed here!  Jan and Victorya – former FSB officers who fled Russia – put at the core of RED ATLANTIS a heroine haunted by a chilling connection with Russian intelligence that she doesn’t want.” – Mark Stout, Ph.D., former CIA officer, Program Director, MA in Global Security Studies Johns Hopkins University, Krieger School of Arts and Sciences, Advanced Academic Programs

“Jan and Victorya have brilliantly fused their first-hand and hard-won knowledge of Russian intelligence tradecraft with an imaginative piece of science fiction, set against the backdrop of our new age of Cold War paranoia. Whatever else you can say about it, RED ATLANTIS is hell of a lot more fun than the Mueller report.” – Michael Weiss, investigative reporter and coauthor of the New York Times bestseller “ISIS: Inside the Army of Terror”

With RED ATLANTIS, Janosh and Victorya Neumann have given us YET MORE to worry about how U.S. elections could go bad.  I’ve had trouble falling asleep as news cycle after news cycle hits us with yet more foreign adversaries attacking the elections.  But the content of RED ATLANTIS is going to give me nightmares! – Kristin Wood, former senior CIA officer