On Sale: September 2019


ANIMOSITY #23 Rafael De LaTorre & Marcelo Maiolo cover
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Animosity #23

Everyone has a story. Everyone has a secret. 
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BABYTEETH #16 Garry Brown w/ Mark Englert cover
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Babyteeth #16

2 Corinthians 11:14
“And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light.”

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BAD RECEPTION #2 Juan Doe cover
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The toast has been made and the cake has been cut.

The most intimate wedding reception of the century has started, and all the guests are suffering a bad case of nomophobia (a.k.a. “no-mobile-phone phobia”). But things get real in a hurry when the mysterious killer sets off a frenzy that drives the remaining guests into a world of unknown primal fear. Now they must learn to depend on each other if they are to survive the hunt.

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DARK RED #6 Meghan Hetrick cover
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DARK RED #6 Corin Howell 1:10 incentive cover
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In the aftermath of war, Fall’s End is littered with the dead. Chip has his territory back…until something else walks into his town.

Something not human. Not vampire.

Something hungry.

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DESCENDENT #5 Juan Doe cover
Order Code: JUL191437

Descendent #5

Cults, ancient monsters…and Bruce Springsteen. The mystery of the robed villains is finally revealed…or is it?

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KNIGHTS TEMPORAL #3 Fran Galán cover
Order Code: JUL191435

Knights Temporal #3

Hunting a sorcerer is tricky business under the best of circumstances. But Auguste de Riviere has found his crusade — and his very existence — scattered across count-less times and places. Now, his prey has unleashed the most unexpected of threats. Auguste is confronted by…Auguste?
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MIDNIGHT VISTA #1 Juan Doe cover
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MIDNIGHT VISTA #1 Rahzzah incentive cover
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Midnight Vista #1

Oliver Flores and his stepfather, Nomar Perez, were turning right onto Midnight Vista Road when they were both abducted by aliens.

To Oliver’s mother, they were both just missing. To the police, they were declared legally dead. And to everyone else growing up in Albuquerque, Oliver Flores was the “Milk Carton Kid”. His life was the cautionary tale of an eight-year-old who was kidnapped and killed by his stepdad while out for some ice cream.

But now — years later — a fully grown adult Oliver walks back into town. He has been returned…and he remembers everything.

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YOU ARE OBSOLETE #1 Andy Clarke w/ Jose Villarrubia cover
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YOU ARE OBSOLETE #1 Francesco Francavilla incentive cover
Order Code: JUL191430

You Are Obsolete #1

A disgraced journalist is called to cover a mysterious story on an isolated European island. As she investigates, she discovers the children have taken control and are somehow killing off all adults by their 40th birthdays. Now, she must discover the truth behind the killings while staying on the good side of the children’s harsh leader…or she’s next.
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