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Robert Hack cover A
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Red Atlantis #1

A series of unexplained, violent crimes on Election Day around the U.S. leads the FBI to zero in on a covert group of Russian terrorists.

When a Texas journalism student named Miriam accidentally finds herself mixed up in the investigation, her life will never be the same. With political espionage, treason and even mind control, can she clear her name and stop the U.S. from entering into a new Cold War?

From writer Stephanie Phillips (Butcher of Paris, ARTEMIS & THE ASSASSIN, DESCENDENT) and artist Robert Carey (Aliens: Resistance, James Bond) comes a fast-paced political thriller that explores the dark history of U.S./Russian relations.

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Jen Hickman cover
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Finally putting the shards of her life back together, Catrin finds a new reason to live. A new set of eyes occupy her attention, and obsession grows, love blooms. It’s not a rebound if you found the one you were truly made to love.

A month // of long days/
// Finding the one you lost
In her / you chase away
/ tell truth // pay a cost
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UNDONE BY BLOOD Vol. 1: The Shadow of a Wanted Man
Sami Kivelä w/ Jason Wordie cover
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UNDONE BY BLOOD Vol. 1: The Shadow of A Wanted Man

In Development for Television by bigbaldhead Productions and with a foreword by The Walking Dead’s NORMAN REEDUS!


In the early 1970s, Ethel Grady Lane returns to her hometown of Sweetheart, Arizona with one thing on her mind: killing the man who murdered her family. But first, she’ll have to find him. As Ethel navigates the eccentric town and its inhabitants, she learns that the quaint veneer hides a brewing darkness. She has no choice but to descend into a ring of depravity and violence, with her only ally an Old West novel that follows famed gunslinger Solomon Eaton. As both stories unfold simultaneously, a love of fiction informs choices in reality, for better or worse.

From the minds of Lonnie Nadler and Zac Thompson (The Dregs, X-Men, HER INFERNAL DESCENT) and artist Sami Kivelä (Abbott, Machine Gun Wizards) comes a neo-western that depicts the hard truth of seeking vengeance in the real world. Features issues #1-5.

“UNDONE BY BLOOD excited me in a way that few comics have since The Walking Dead…this comic is one hell of a ride.” – Norman Reedus
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DARK RED Vol. 2: Urban Decay
Meghan Hetrick cover
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Dark Red Vol. 2: Urban Decay

In the aftermath of war, Fall’s End is littered with the dead. Chip has his territory back…until something else walks into his town.

Something not human. Not vampire. Something hungry.

Tim Seeley (BRILLIANT TRASH, Hack/Slash, Grayson) and Corin Howell (Ghostbusters, Bat-Mite) bring you the next chapter in this contemporary and horrifying tale of vampirism in the dark heart of America. Volume 2 contains the complete second story arc, issues #6-10.

“I love everything about this book…No one does horror like AfterShock!” – Patrick Hayes, SciFiPulse

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Jeremy Haun w/ Nick Filardi cover A
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Tyler Crook cover B
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Miskatonic #1

Miskatonic Valley holds many mysteries – cultists worshipping old gods, a doctor deadset on resurrecting the recently deceased, a house overrun by rats in the walls – but none more recent than a series of bombings targeting the Valley’s elite.

These horrors reach a breaking point when the brilliant, hard-nosed investigator Miranda Keller is sent to stop the bombings. To J. Edgar Hoover, there can be no other explanation than those responsible for similar actions during the Red Scare of the 1920s…but when Miranda digs too deep, she uncovers an unimaginable occult conspiracy, one that may cost Miranda her job – and her sanity.

From writer Mark Sable (WAR ON TERROR: GODKILLERS, Graveyard of Empires) and artist Giorgio Pontrelli (Dylan Dog), MISKATONIC is a mix of historical crime fiction and Lovecraftian-horror that dives deep into the American nightmare.

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The Complete Series
Juan Doe cover
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Animosity: Evolution – The Complete Series Hardcover

One day, the animals woke up. They started thinking. They started talking. They started taking revenge. Now, they’ve started building. In a city by the sea, a new power is on the rise…and they’re making an animal kingdom all their own.

From the brilliant mind of creator/writer Marguerite Bennett (INSEXTS, HORDE, DC Bombshells, Batwoman) with artwork by Eric Gapstur and Juan Doe, ANIMOSITY: EVOLUTION is an exciting, fast-paced series that expands upon this already amazing world!

This hardcover omnibus edition contains the entire ten issue series, plus the three-issue limited series, ANIMOSITY: THE RISE.

“…a fascinating world, with characters whose depth is instantly apparent.” – Brandy Dykhuizen, Doom Rocket

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The Complete Series
Juan Doe cover
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DARK ARK: AFTER THE FLOOD – The Complete Series

Two arks were built to survive the Flood. One was filled with the creatures of the natural world. The other was populated by…everything else.

Now that the denizens of the DARK ARK have beaten Noah’s Ark to land, a new societal order must be created – one based on the rule of monsters. Khalee, a new sorceress, ventures to maintain order amidst the chaos, but her otherworldly masters have a different task in mind. She must devise a way to bring Noah’s Ark to the monsters…because the beasts must feed.

From writer Cullen Bunn (UNHOLY GRAIL, BROTHERS DRACUL, WITCH HAMMER, Deadpool, Venom) and artists Juan Doe (ANIMOSITY: THE RISE, AMERICAN MONSTER, WORLD READER) and Jesús Hervás (Penny Dreadful) comes an even more sinister tale of biblical proportions! Contains the entire series, issues #1-5.

“…a magnificent return to this dark and fantastic world and the characters that inhabit it…” – Sean Nickerson, AIPT

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Inaki Miranda cover A
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Dave Williams cover B
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We Live #2

The encounter with the Bengal Ripper puts the group’s survival to the test. Their lives now rest on Simon’s shoulders, but in the Broken Lands every wrong step comes with a consequence.

Tala and Hototo, now joined by their new friends, Humbo and Alice, find themselves dragged onto a new and unsafe path. Reaching the train to Mother Megalopolis Nine is becoming an uncertain milestone.

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Andy Clarke w/ Jose Villarrubia cover
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With nowhere else to run, Jeremy and the Haskin family find themselves under siege, caught between the Lifers and the Revivalists…and not everyone will escape Dead Day alive. Witness the emotional conclusion to the supernatural holiday in a world where death isn’t the end and secrets never stay buried.
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Rem Broo cover A
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Mark A. Nelson cover B
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Film rights acquired by Sony Pictures!

It’s the most dangerous heist ever attempted. Four desperate criminals are going all in on a once-in-a-lifetime chance to steal millions in art and turn their miserable lives around. The catch? They have to pull it off under the nose of a one thousand-ton Kaiju. And a giant monster might just be the least of their problems.

Brought to you by James Patrick (Grimm Fairy Tales, Death Comes to Dillinger, The Monsters of Jimmy Crumb) and Rem Broo (The End Times of Bram and Ben, Terminal Protocol), KAIJU SCORE is what happens when a Quentin Tarantino film takes place smack in the middle of a Godzilla movie.

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Lee Ferguson w/ Jose Villarrubia cover A
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Michael Gaydos cover B
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Sympathy for No Devils #2

The world’s largest Colossal has been murdered and Winston Wallis – the last human in a world of monsters – has been called in to solve it. Win will need to lean on his ability to be impossibly lucky in order to solve this case…and survive it.

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Andy Clarke w/ Jose Villarrubia cover
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On Sale: 11/25/2020


Garth Ennis’ Complete Masterpiece of Terror in One Unrelenting Hardcover!

So these two FBI agents walk into a warehouse…

Special Agents Shaw and McGregor handle the routine cases nowadays, which is just the way Shaw likes it. She’s pushing 40, a borderline burnout, the ghastly memories of her last investigation still clinging like shadows. McGregor is younger, more dedicated, hanging onto some measure of idealism whatever the world might throw at him.

When two fellow agents go missing inside a Long Beach warehouse, Shaw and McGregor are sent to investigate. But what they find waiting is far from routine, as the local police have already discovered to their cost. Before the night is out, our heroes will encounter terror beyond their most appalling nightmares – in a place where the night may never end at all.

A new kind of horror story for modern America, written by Garth Ennis (Preacher, The Boys, JIMMY’S BASTARDS) and drawn by Goran Sudžuka (Y: The Last Man, Hellblazer).

“The dread builds with every page…” – Patrick Hayes, SciFiPulse

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