On Sale: May 2019


DESCENDENT #1 Juan Doe cover
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DESCENDENT #1 Andrei Bressan 1:10 incentive cover
Order Code: MAR191363

Descendent #1

Conspiracy theories, government corruption, and a really good mix of Prince drives David Corey to help solve the mysterious disappearance of a famous politician’s son. When David realizes that the truth is much more dangerous than a kidnapping, he must battle ancient secrets that have endangered the lives of children for centu-ries. This conspiracy-fueled adventure story looks at the darker side of American history through the eyes of an unlikely team of heroes. If they fail, the American government and its people may not survive.
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VOLITION #5 Marco Itri cover
Order Code: MAR191370

Volition #5

With their quest seemingly drawing to a close, Hale-19 and Amber-7T are suddenly pulled in dangerous opposite directions. One comes face to face with their past, the other with a dark potential future. Questions will be answered as we move ever closer to the truth at the heart of this sci-fi epic. 
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THE LAST SPACE RACE #4 Alex Shibao cover
Order Code: MAR191368

The Last Space Race #4

Sasha knew sabotage was inevitable.  He expected it from the outside — from the other multi-national coalitions building ships — but when he discovers sabotage is coming from within, Sasha is on a mission. He and Roger must work together — something they’ve never been good at — to try to stop the mysterious saboteur before they destroy everything.
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OBERON #4 Milos Slavkovic cover
Order Code: NOV181432

Oberon #4

With his adversaries closing in, Oberon strikes an unexpected bargain with Titania, the Queen of the Fairies, leading to a complicated reunion at the longest running party in history: The Immortal Masquerade. Get your costumes ready for the next magical chapter!
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ORPHAN AGE #2 Nuno Plati cover
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Order Code: MAR198405

Orphan Age #2

On the road to Albany. Stopping for supplies at the town of Mall. The importance of the gun. Everything’s for sale. Bargaining. What is it worth to you? What would you give?
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DEAD KINGS #5 Matthew Dow Smith cover
Order Code: DEC181448


AN EXPLOSIVE FINALE IN THE ASHES OF A FALLEN EMPIRE!The wreck of the Rus Empire is a violent, rusted sprawl cut across an aging continent. The Oprichnik Secret Police hold a fragile order in place by removing all the socially dissident from society…these are the Chorts, the scapegoated devils of the new word…and they deserve freedom. DEAD KINGS brings it to them.On the border of a dried up Black Sea, Sasha Vasnetsov and Maria Kamenaya have brought war to Barracks 33 to free Sasha’s brother Gena. As the barbed wire fences fall, a family reunites in the furnace of rebellion – they may free thousands, but is it too late to save their brotherhood?
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MARY SHELLEY: MONSTER HUNTER #2 Hayden Sherman cover
Order Code: MAR191366

Mary Shelley Monster Hunter #2

Mary discovers not only that their mysterious host is a surgeon intent on reanimating the dead, but also that she’s a woman. Banished from a career in medicine because of her sex, Dr. Victoria Frankenstein has decided to create a manservant devoted to her success in a misogynistic world. The only thing she needs is a partner. Mary quickly sees the potential to carry on her late mother’s feminist work, but agreeing would mean betraying her closest companions, and becoming an accomplice to murder…
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ANIMOSITY #21 Rafael De Latorre & Marcelo Maiolo cover
Order Code: JAN191464

Animosity #21

A haunted forest. A sinister coven. A hungry god. Here, the natural and supernatural clash as new life begins to overtake the old.
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A WALK THROUGH HELL #10 Goran Sudžuka cover
Order Code: MAR191365

A Walk Through Hell #10

With the answers they need finally within their grasp, Shaw and McGregor seek a guide to the strange and disturbing world in which they find themselves. But
McGregor makes a fateful decision in this quest for understanding, and soon the horrors of his own past are laid bare. And all the while, the clock ticks towards midnight…
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KILLER GROOVE #1 Eoin Marron cover
Order Code: MAR191360

KILLER GROOVE #1 Cliff Richards 1:10 incentive cover
Order Code: MAR191361

Killer Groove #1

In 1970s Los Angeles, Jonny is one of the thousands of musicians trying to make it big while working a crummy bar job, and getting drunk with his whiskey soaked P.I. friend, Jackie. When Jonny gets tangled up with a local mob hitman, he not only finds a new and violent career, but maybe the inspiration for his music as well.
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DARK RED #3 Aaron Campbell cover
Order Code: MAR191364

Dark Red #3

A surprise, shocking dive into Chip’s past. During WW2, a small group of soldiers, pursued by Nazis, wanders into a dilapidated French hotel, and one man’s life is changed forever.
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Order Code: MAR191371

Beyonders Vol. 1: The Mapmakers

A young boy obsessed with crop circles and cryptography finds his boring life turned upside-down when he discovers that all of his conspiracy theories are true, sending him on the ultimate treasure hunt for an ancient secret spanning thousands of years.What is the connection between a lost mountaineer, an indecipherable manuscript, and the lost library of Alexandria? How is this connected to a one-eyed, flatulent Welsh Corgi and endless plates of corned beef sandwiches?Find out in…BEYONDERS!From Paul Jenkins (ALTERS, Wolverine: Origin, Sentry) and Wesley St. Claire (FU JITSU, Teen Titans) comes the mystery series that can be summed up in one word of its own — AfterShock!
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