On Sale: July 2019


DESCENDENT #3 Juan Doe cover
Order Code: MAY191316

Descendent #3

What do the Salem witch trials and a missing Senator’s son have in common?

The third installment of DESCENDENT from Stephanie Phillips (Devil Within, Kicking Ice) and Evgeniy Bornyakov (Meteora, Ziggy) investigates the missing link between a mysterious cult and disappearing children. But, as David gets closer to finding out the truth, the cult gets closer to David. Oh, and someone dies. #sorrynotsorry

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ANIMOSITY #22 Rafael De LaTorre w/ Marcelo Maiolo cover
Order Code: APR191309

Animosity #22

A new frontier beckons to the West, but before the survivors stand an obstacle, a monster – and a horrifying truth.
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OBERON #5 Milos Slavkovic cover
Order Code: APR191313


The dethroned King of the Fairies’ sordid past is revealed as Oberon comes face-to-face with his former servant – PUCK. But is he friend…or foe? 
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ORPHAN AGE #4 Nuno Plati cover
Order Code: MAY191318

Orphan Age #4

The city of Albany. Old friends. Old times. Old wounds. Freedom of speech. The paradox of money. High walls and far sight. An attack from unexpected directions.
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A WALK THROUGH HELL #12 Goran Sudzuka w/ Ive Svorcina cover
Order Code: MAY191311

A Walk Through Hell #12

Carnahan — or what now looks out from behind his eyes — finally tells Shaw the truth about what’s in store for humanity. As the world begins its transformation according to the villain’s grand design, Shaw realizes she has only one card left to play — one that will almost certainly mean her own destruction.
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DARK RED #5 Aaron Campbell cover
Order Code: MAY191313

Dark Red #5

Chip is faced with two options…run like hell from a town he’s lost to Nazi vampires, or team up with a pair of barely sober hicks who hate him in order to rescue the woman he loves. Tough choice.
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MARY SHELLEY, MONSTER HUNTER #4 Hayden Sherman cover
Order Code: MAY191317

Mary Shelley, Monster Hunter #4

Mary and her cohorts cover up a murder, but for the crime, Adam must die. Victoria attempts to end Adam’s life but fails, driving him, heartbroken, off into the woods. But when female members of Victoria’s house staff start going missing, Mary discovers that Adam has done the unthinkable to heal his shattered heart.
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STRONGHOLD #5 Ryan Kelly cover
Order Code: APR191308

Stronghold #5

Michael and Claire’s quest reaches a shattering conclusion when they are faced with a choice: abandon their love, or embrace their destiny and awaken an entity designed for the annihilation of humanity.
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KILLER GROOVE #3 Eoin Marron w/ Triona Farrell cover
Order Code: MAY191315

Killer Groove #3

The mayhem continues as Jackie finds herself rubbing shoulders with Jonny’s high-flying musician friends when she’s hired to track down an old blues musician’s guitar.
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KNIGHTS TEMPORAL #1 Fran Galán cover
Order Code: MAY191307

KNIGHTS TEMPORAL #1 Nat Jones 1:10 incentive cover
Order Code: MAY191308

Knights Temporal #1

When Auguste de Riviere returned from the Crusades, he was ashamed and horrified by the things he had done. Hoping to reclaim his soul, he pledges to root out evil wherever it might be found. But when he pursued a vile sorcerer into a forbidden forest, his life was shattered. Auguste ventured into the dark forest, but emerged in the modern world. Accompanied now by the enigmatic Jane Fool, Auguste hunts a madman while trying to piece together the mystery of his very existence. 
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THE LAST SPACE RACE #5 Alex Shibao cover
Order Code: MAY191312

The Last Space Race #5


With the success of the saboteur, the ship meant to fly to the mysterious, alien vessel is minutes away from destruction. Will Sasha and Roger be able to save it before everyone on board is killed? Or will they burn up in Earth’s atmosphere? Find out what happens in the exciting, action packed conclusion of the first arc of THE LAST SPACE RACE!

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Matthew Dow Smith cover
Order Code: MAY191319

Dead Kings, Vol.1: Hard Road Home

Thrice-Nine took Sasha’s brother, and it took Maria’s heart.

Plagued by the ramifications of a techno-magic world now thirty years gone, Thrice-Nine limps along, degenerating into paranoia and poison. Sasha Vasnetsov thought he’d escaped all that, but when news comes that his younger brother has been kidnapped by the secret police, he drags himself back into the madness with a simple goal — to find his brother.

But Sasha is going to need help to do this, and he enlists Maria Kamenaya, a former warrior with hundreds of enemy kills to her name, who was betrayed by the very country she served. This quest is how they get both of those things back, in the lawless land of decapitated states…the land of DEAD KINGS.

Written by Steve Orlando (Batman/Shadow, Crude, Midnighter, Virgil) and drawn by Matthew Dow Smith (October Girl, Suicide Squad, X-Files) DEAD KINGS is an in-depth exploration of retribution, in all its dark, complex forms.

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Keith Burns cover
Order Code: MAY191310

Out of the Blue, Vol. 2

The second and final volume of Garth Ennis’ oversized hardcover original graphic novel series.

Jamie McKenzie’s fighter-bomber strike missions against the Germans get even deadlier, but his ongoing feud with his own commanding officer is no picnic either. His loving wife Beth provides a surprise or two of her own – but Jamie soon finds that there are those who’ve paid a steeper price than himself in the battle with Hitler’s Reich. The stage is set for a showdown high above the frozen fjords of Norway, as a horde of Nazi fighters lie in wait for the RAF Mosquito squadrons.

Writer Garth Ennis (Preacher, The Boys) and artist Keith Burns (War Stories) reunite after the success of their series Johnny Red, presenting another tale of World War Two aerial combat – featuring skies black with flak and enemy fighters, nail-biting low-level action, and the dark humor of men whose lives can be snatched away at any second… Out of the Blue.

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