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ANIMOSITY #25 Rafael De LaTorre & Marcelo Maiolo cover
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A great jumping-on point for new readers as Sandor, Jessie, and their companions stray into the oil fields where the bloody kings of Texas reign.
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DARK ARK: After the Flood #2

Now that the creatures of Shrae’s Ark have found land and made a home for themselves, they have a new challenge ahead of them: they must find a way to make sure that Noah’s Ark finds land, too. And as Khalee struggles with her newfound power and her position as human leader of the monsters, new revelations about her own birth come to light.

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DARK ARK: ARC ONE Juan Doe cover
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The Definitive Hardcover Edition Collecting the First 15 Issues of the Hit Horror Series!

The wickedness of mankind has moved the Creator to destroy the world by way of the flood. Noah has been tasked with building an ark to save his family and the animals of the world. But this is not Noah’s story. For darker powers have commanded the sorcerer Shrae to build his own ark and save the unnatural creatures of the world — such as vampires, dragons, naga, and the manticore. But what will happen on a vessel crawling with monsters, where insidious intrigue and horrific violence are the rule of law?

From writer Cullen Bunn (WITCH HAMMER, KNIGHTS TEMPORAL) and artist Juan Doe (AMERICAN MONSTER, WORLD READER, BAD RECEPTION) comes intrigue, adventure and terror of biblical proportions.

“DARK ARK delivers a one-two punch with terrifying beasts and personable, relatable characters.” – James Ferguson, Horror DNA

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RoughRiderHC_cover LR

ROUGHRIDERS: Lock Stock and Barrel: The Complete Collection
Patrick Olliffe cover
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360 pages of action, adventure, murder and mayhem straight out of America’s secret past!

Led by a young Theodore Roosevelt, a motley crew of soon-to-be American legends must work together to solve a mystery that threatens all of existence.

Harry Houdini – street magician and master of misdirection. Annie Oakley – a washed-up entertainer, eager for a chance to prove herself in a real war. Jack Johnson – an undefeated brawler and son of ex-slaves, determined to get his shot at the heavyweight championship… When a terrifying alien technology destroys the USS Maine, these unlikely allies set sail for bloody Cuba, into the heart of a brewing conflict, to wage a shadow war against the greatest threat mankind has ever known.

Before they were famous, they were… ROUGH RIDERS.

Created and written by Adam Glass (THE LOLLIPOP KIDS, MARY SHELLEY MONSTER HUNTER) with artwork by Patrick Olliffe (Untold Tales of Spider-Man), this robust hardcover contains the entire series: ROUGH RIDERS (#1-7), ROUGH RIDERS: RIDERS ON THE STORM (#1-6) and ROUGH RIDERS: RIDE OR DIE (#1-4).

“Historical figures versus the unimaginable? Sign me up for the entire ride, AfterShock!” – Patrick Hayes, SciFiPulse

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MIDNIGHT VISTA #4 Juan Doe cover
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Midnight Vista #4

After making his escape to California, Oliver finds himself hiding in plain sight amongst the many invisible and forgotten faces of Los Angeles County. For the time being, he is safe. Neither the police nor the mysterious “Strangers in Black” know where he is. But he’s also alone. Lost in a city — and a world — that he doesn’t know how to navigate, Oliver seeks out the one man his mother told him could help reconnect him with the very aliens that abducted him so many years ago.

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Mary Shelley, Monster Hunter: Abomination
Hayden Sherman cover
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Mary Shelley, Monster Hunter: Abomination

Collecting issues #1-5 of the hit gothic horror tale!

For nearly two centuries, scholars have wondered how on earth Mary Shelley, a nineteen-year-old girl, was able to conjure one of the most frightening and enduring horror stories of all-time: Frankenstein.

But with the recent discovery of Mary Shelley’s secret memoir, the truth is finally revealed: Shelley didn’t just write Frankenstein, she lived it. Traveling back to that historic Geneva winter of 1816, Mary, her fiancé Percy, sisters Claire and Fanny, and the celebrated poet Lord Byron, find themselves guests of the eerie Frankenstein Estate. The macabre and frightening events that follow lead Mary to both a gruesome and shocking discovery. Their mysterious host is not at all what they expected, and their intentions will change the course of Mary’s life forever.

Brought to life by Adam Glass (ROUGH RIDERS, THE NORMALS, THE LOLLIPOP KIDS) and Olivia Cuartero-Briggs (TV’s The Arrangement) with art by Hayden Sherman (COLD WAR, The Few, Wasted Space), this is historical fiction at its most (After)Shocking!

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Shoplifters Will Be Liquidated #3

Nussbaum is chased through a beautiful landscape of living art…and his only instinct is to wreck it. He’s got three groups pursuing him, two of which won’t be satisfied with anything less than his head. Things have gotten a little morbid in the offices of Caucasus Corp.

Death sells, but who’s buying?

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YOU ARE OBSOLETE #4 Andy Clarke w/ Jose Villarrubia cover
Order Code: OCT191500

You Are Obsolete #4

It’s a literal trip of an issue when Lyla and Kadunud imbibe psilocybin during the diabolical children’s talent show…that turns deadly for the audience. The psychedelic state Lyla finds herself in leads to flashbacks about how she became who she is today and why she is such a seeker of truth in a world of growing chaos.

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