On Sale: August 2019


ANIMOSITY #23 Rafael De LaTorre & Marcelo Maiolo cover
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Animosity #23

Everyone has a story. Everyone has a secret. 
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BABYTEETH #15 Garry Brown w/ Mark Englert cover
Order Code: JUN191357

Babyteeth #15

Clark’s father has been revealed and he’s…great? Wait, that can’t be right. Right? Well, only one way to find out, friends! “Cradle” ends here with one of the biggest moments in BABYTEETH history!

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Bad Reception #1 Juan Doe cover
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Bad Reception #1 Paul Azaceta 1:10 incentive cover
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It’s the celebrity wedding of the century, set in an undisclosed, remote location, with no access to wifi, cell phone reception or the outside world. But the dream wedding becomes a nightmare when, one by one, the guests are brutally slaughtered by a mysterious killer who brands his victims with a hashtag.

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Dark Ark, Vol.3: Juan Doe cover
Order Code: JUN191358

Dark Ark, Vol.3: The World That Waits

At long last, the rains have stopped. But the flood waters have yet to recede. Still, new life—both human and monster—is born into the world. And as the Manticore Kruul learns what it means to be a father, Shrae’s newborn grandchild is dying from a supernatural ailment. The secret of a cure lies with one of Shrae’s most bitter enemies!
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DARK ARK #6 Meghan Hetrick cover A
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Dark Red #6 Corin Howell 1:10 incentive cover
Order Code: JUN191353

Dark Red #6


In the aftermath of war, Fall’s End is littered with the dead. Chip has his territory back…until something else walks into his town.

Something not human. Not vampire.

Something hungry.

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Descendent #4 Juan Doe cover
Order Code: JUN191355

Descendent #4

Our heroes race to stop the cult from abducting another child, David and Amanda rehash some ugly truths from their past and Jo learns a dark secret about her FBI partner. Can the team learn to work together to stop more children from disappearing? Can David be trusted to babysit a child? Probably not. 
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Mary Shelley, Monster Hunter #5 Hayden Sherman cover
Order Code: JUN191359

Mary Shelley, Monster Hunter #5

Mary and her Monster Hunters take on Adam and his creature, walking away victorious. But when Mary returns to London, she discovers the fight is far from over, and now it’s personal.
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Killer Groove #4 Eoin Marron w/ Triona Farrell cover
Order Code: JUN191362

Killer Groove #4

As Jonny’s life of crime takes him to a much darker and more violent place than he’s been before, we explore how the past shapes who you are. For good and for bad…
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Knights Temporal #2 Fran Galan cover
Order Code: JUN191354

Knights Temporal #2

Auguste de Rivière is a knight lost in time.

From the Dark Ages to the modern era, he pursues a cruel necromancer across time and space. But—somehow—Auguste has lived…and died…in countless times and places. What is the secret of his fractured existence? And are there answers that his companion, Jane Foole, might be hiding from him?

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Oberon, Vol.1: The King Of Lies
Milos Slavkovic cover
Order Code: JUN191361

Oberon, Vol.1: The King Of Lies

Betrayed by his people and exiled to Earth, Lord Oberon, the former king of the fairies, seeks out an innocent prophesied child in order to manipulate her into becoming his ultimate weapon so that he can reclaim his rightful throne.

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Trust Fall #2 Chris Visions cover
Order Code: MAY191314

Trust Fall #2

As the cops close in, Ash Parsons might take the fall for her family’s latest heist.

But in order to understand why her family has abandoned her, Ash must stay free — and so she sets out to explore the city she’s been isolated from her whole life. As her family’s new masters, Dead Flag, looms, the answers Ash digs up might destroy her world before she destroys theirs.

Brought to life by Christopher Sebela (COLD WAR, Crowded, Shanghai Red, High Crimes) and Chris Visions (Dead Letters, Spider-Gwen, Bitch Planet), TRUST FALL is the crime drama you won’t want to miss!

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Orphan Age #5 Nuno Plati cover
Order Code: JUN191360

Orphan Age #5

Surrounded by lights. No way in or out. The dead send a message. The tools they left us and those we built again. Some secrets are better left secret. Some forgotten moments are better left forgotten. If there is no road, make one.

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Volition Vol. 1: Omar Francia cover
Order Code: JUN191363

Volition, Vol. 1: Artificial Lives

In a not-too-distant future, artificial intelligence has spawned a race of robots that serve all of humanity. Robots are considered second class citizens, but a few in the A.I. community are fighting back in a constant struggle for equal rights.

When a debilitating virus called “Rust” threatens all artificial life, salvation lies in the most unlikely of robotic heroes — not a warrior or a solider, but an obsolete construction worker and a dedicated caregiver. Together, HALE-19 and AMBER-7T embark on a perilous journey in search of a cure that could potentially change the balance of power on Earth forever.

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