‘Shoplifters Will Be Liquidated’ will hit stores in October.

The new AfterShock Comics project Shoplifters Will Be Liquidated has quite the premise. Indie publisher sums up the entire concept with six simple words: “Imagine Judge Dredd working for Amazon.”

The mini-series, written by Patience! Conviction! Revenge!’s Patrick Kindlon with art by Stefano Simeone of Clankillersfame, is set in a near future where retail is the biggest game in town, and staff are permitted to combat the potential loss of product at any cost.

“In this hyper-capitalist future, a job in loss prevention is the closest a man can get to judge, jury, and executioner,” Kindlon said about the series. “Nussbaum takes his position seriously, and when he finds an underground society living outside corporate oversight his only instinct is destroy! This book feels timely without being forced commentary. A recipe for great sci-fi.”

As Kindlon mentioned, Security Officer Nussbaum is the central character in Shoplifters, and the series follows him as he makes an entirely unexpected discovery: A second society, living underneath the retailer that he works for, that challenges his understanding of the world in which he’s living — and the company he’s working for.

The story, he said, was inspired by classic sci-fi comics such as Judge Dredd and Marshal Law, which Kindlon described as “so fully representative of their eras,” adding, “the satire of those characters perfectly mirrors the concerns of the time. This series asks what that concept would look like in 2019. There’s a fun science fiction adventure story here that can be taken at face value and/or a biting bit of satire that can be enjoyed on a different level. Fans of British comics will recognize that tiered reading experience immediately. Readers get to approach the work on whatever terms they care to.”

The writer also made a point of praising his collaborator on the series, saying that the “beautiful art” by Simeone “gives the story beats a true and natural rhythm, the sort of vivid violence and colorful language that used to make comics subversive and interesting.”

The first issue of Shoplifters Will Be Liquidated is scheduled for October 9, and will feature a cover by Simeone and variant cover by Antonio Fuso. Both covers, along with preview pages from the first issue, can be seen below.