Get a first look at the AfterShock Comics title, which launches in September.

Family can be complicated, especially for someone whose father figure was an assassin who trained her to follow in their blood-stained footsteps. But years after her last kill, Amara Bishop has to remember everything her mentor taught her in order to stay alive — and keep her daughter safe, as well. Welcome to the complicated, deadly world of AfterShock Comics’ new series, Miles to Go.Launching this fall, the fast-paced series is co-created by B. Clay Moore (Hawaiian Dick, Valiant Entertainment’s Savage) and artist Stephen Molnar.“The story follows Amara Bishop, who spent her formative years as the apprentice to a government-sponsored assassin and is now a single mother struggling to figure out why she’s never succeeded at anything in life the way she did at, you know — killing people,” explained Moore. “When she and her daughter, Alea, find themselves attacked in their home, she joins an aging colleague of her former mentor’s and begins to unravel her past as she fights to secure her daughter’s future.”

“What attracted me to Clay’s concept for the series was the normal problems that the characters are dealing with,” Molnar said. “The book may have a larger-than-life plot device pushing it forward, but it’s the personal details of the main characters’ relationships that I think a lot of people will be able to relate to.”

Molnar is known for artwork on such titles as DC’s Imaginary Friends and IDW’s Star Trek, but this series offers him a chance to switch things up a little. His style on Miles to Go, he said, is “quite different than what people have come to expect from me. While my style of storytelling and panel design hasn’t changed much from what I’ve done in the past, my line art will be more loose and sketchy. It will also be the first project that I’ve done the color art on. As we get further along in the series, I plan to rely on color more often and plan out each book’s color scheme at the layout stage.”

“The project came together after Stephen asked if I wanted to create something new with him, and it’s been a true collaboration every step of the way,” Moore said. “We’ve known each other for years and are glad to have finally found the right project to work together on.”

Summing up the appeal of the series, Moore said, “I think we’ve created a unique protagonist with a backstory and a ‘hook’ that will deepen as the story moves forward. One of the underlying themes examines the ways we relate to our loved ones in the wake of difficult decision-making, which hopefully adds some depth to what is, on the surface, an action-oriented genre tale.” He added, “The goal is to create a genre story that’s not only heavy on the action, but also brings flesh and blood characters to life while exploring some deeper themes just below the surface.”

Miles to Go will launch Sept. 9. Look below for unlettered artwork from the first issue, as well as Molnar’s first cover for the series.