A medieval warrior is set to embark on a quest for the ages, and through the ages.

(April 9, 2019) In Cullen Bunn and Fran Galán’s upcoming series, a Crusades-era knight, Auguste de Riviere, finds himself on a journey for redemption that sends him hurtling through time as he takes on an evil force that stretches across the eras.

“This is a weird fantasy tale,” Bunn said in AfterShock’s press release. “It’s the story of Auguste, a medieval knight in search of redemption, who pursues a vile necromancer into a forbidden, haunted forest. It is said that no one who enters this forest ever leaves. This is not the case for Auguste, though. He leaves the forest – but when he exits, he finds himself in another time. And another time. And another time. Auguste’s very existence is shattered and cast through time and space. He exists over and over again in multiple eras. And in all of those eras, he has the same goal – to stop the necromancer’s evil plans. There’s a strange connection between all of these different “instances” of Auguste’s existence, one that can be both a boon and a deadly disadvantage.”

Bunn said that the time-tossed adventures of Auguste and his mysterious companion Jane Fool will have a unique mix of tones too.

“It’s a book with lots of action and humor and horror, but it will challenge the readers, too,” Bunn added, “And the characters will appeal to readers in a big way, I think.”

KNIGHTS TEMPORAL #1 arrives in comic shops on July 31st.