An unlucky musician finds success as a contract killer in the upcoming AfterShock Comics series.

The Hollywood Reporter:

The music business is a killer — and that’s never been more true than in KILLER GROOVE, a new AfterShock Comics series launching in May, from the creative team of Ollie Masters and Eoin Marron.

Described by writer Masters (Vertigo’s The Kitchen, currently being adapted into a movie starring Melissa McCarthy, Tiffany Haddish and Elisabeth Moss) as “a ’70s L.A. crime story about an unsuccessful musician finding success and musical inspiration as a contract killer,” KILLER GROOVE comes from personal experience — to a point.

“I used to play the drums and know what it’s like to be out there playing gigs, although I never starting killing people so I guess that’s where the comparison stops,” Masters jokes. “But like most people, I’ve got a love of those ’60s/’70s bands. I’m not an expert in that area but it’s my parents’ generation’s music, it was like a background soundtrack to my early life. So it’s weird, it’s like nostalgia for a time I never actually experienced.”

“Me and Ollie have been meaning to reteam since we worked together on Sons of Anarchy: Redwood Original, and now we’re getting to do so on our own terms, which is crazy exciting,” Marron said of working on the title. “Especially now that we’re in it with Jordie [Bellaire] on colors and Hassan [Otsmane-Elhaou] on letters — two insanely skilled individuals I’ve been dying to work with on interiors for ages! We’re also super lucky to have Tríona Farrell colouring my covers for the series. Dream team would be an understatement!”

Masters agreed, adding, “Eoin, Jordie and Hass are some of the best people in comics and I’m privileged to get to work with them all.”

The series launches May 29, 2019 and Marron has the perfect pitch to try and get people on board: “If you’re thirsty for a cocktail of Chandler, Leonard, the Coen Bros., Mann, Soderbergh and rock music of the ’70s (and who isn’t?), then we’re serving all night!”