The comic book miniseries comes from the creative team of Graham Nolan and Bret Blevins.

AfterShock Comics’ latest launch sees a couple of fan-favorite creators take a number of familiar tropes in unexpected directions, as four women come together to deal with a supernatural threat without even knowing it in the upcoming Girls of Dimension 13.

“As the father of three daughters, I wanted to do a story about girl empowerment with the visual craziness of (Steve) Ditko’s Doctor Strange, but with the heart and warmth of the classic Alex Kotzky comic strip The Girls of Apt. 3-G,” writer Graham Nolan told The Hollywood Reporter when talking about the origins of the book.

The series, Nolan explained, centers around the four young women brought together — via a mysterious invitation — to a building in New York City that is far more than it seems at first glance.

“The building is a nexus point, a portal to the 12 other dimensions,” Nolan said. “A malevolent force known as Abraxis binds these dimensions together, enslaving them to his will. For centuries, the portal has been guarded by a gatekeeper to prevent the forces of evil on the other side from gaining access to the world we know… Now, the gatekeeper, Anna Nightlinger is missing and the only thing standing in Abraxis’ way is four young women with powers and abilities they don’t even know they have… for now!”

Nolan, whose career includes work on DC’s Hawkworld, Detective Comicsand his own Monster Island, as well as co-creating the Batman villain Bane, is teaming with another comic book veteran, Bret Blevins (New Mutants, Harley Quinn, Superman Adventures), for the new series. Look below for samples of Blevins’ art from the first issue, as well as Blevins’ cover for the issue, and Nolan’s artwork for the variant cover. All art is colored by Greg Wright.

Girls of Dimension 13 launches digitally and in comic book stores April 21.