Writer Ryan Parrot explains the origins of the new comic book series, in which the dead rise for one day each year.

Closure isn’t quite what people might expect. In AfterShock Comics’ upcoming series Dead Day, the dead rise for one day each year, but their return doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone will be able to come to peace with their dearly departed. Especially when some of the departed use their 24 hours to seek revenge.

“I’ve always been a fan of big event-based world building. Ones where a single moment can create a legion of individual stories, and this premise seemed to do that,” writer Ryan Parrott tells The Hollywood Reporter. “I think the inspiration came from the fact that getting older means you start to lose the people you love. I never got a chance to say goodbye to my grandparents before they passed and, I remember for months after their deaths, I would have these insanely vivid dreams were I simply got to talk with them for a few minutes, and then I’d wake up and they were gone. So I thought, what if that actually happened… but worldwide?”

Dead Day marks the third time Parrot has worked with AfterShock Comics. “They’ve always brought a balance of providing creative freedom but keeping you in tune with the commercial sensibilities of the market. They take so many chances in an effort to simply tell a great story. I mean, I’ve done a futuristic robot murder mystery, an evil fairy Shakespearian road trip and now… a psychological horror series about a holiday where the dead rise. AfterShock has shown tremendous faith and commitment to their creators and I will be eternally grateful.”

Illustrating the series will be You Are Obsolete artist Evgeniy Bornyakov and colorist Juancho Velez, with the first issue featuring covers from Andy Clarke with Jose Villarrubia, and Francesco Francavilla. Dead Day No. 1 will be available from comic stores and digitally April 15.