Round and round we go! Did you hear the news about DARK ARK #1 first printing selling out? That’s right, all the direct market versions are sold out: covers A, B and C (a free-to-retailers version to show our appreciation). If you missed out, you might be asking yourself “What can I do, AfterShock??”. Well, you’ve come to the right place for the answers!

For Both Fans and Retailers:
-There are two exclusive variants at Baltimore Comic-Con: One at our booth #2004 and another at the official Baltimore Comic-Con booth. More details on Baltimore Comic-Con here.
-There will be an exclusive variant available at our New York Comic Con (Oct 5-8 2017) booth #2238. More details on New York Comic Con here.

For Fans:
-Tell your retailers to stock more AFTERSHOCK comics so you’ll never miss another issue!
-There will be a second printing of DARK ARK #1! Make sure to share this item code with your local retailer: AUG178573
-Can’t wait for the physical second printing? You can buy issue #1 digitally HERE!
-Act NOW to pre-order issues #2, #3 & #4 of DARK ARK either at your local retailer or digitally before they sell-out too!
-Need to find a local comic retailer? Visit this link.

For Retailers:
-As mentioned for the fans, there will be a second printing of DARK ARK #1 – item code: AUG178573
-Let Diamond know ASAP if you still need issue #2; order code: AUG171122
-Make sure to get your order in for issue #3 (order code: SEP171090) and issue #4 (order code: OCT171097)