03 Jan

AfterShock Comics Ushers in 2019 as “The Year of Reading Dangerously”

From Edgy New Titles to Amped Up Marketing, AfterShock Invites Readers to Stop Playing it Safe 

(January 3, 2019) Los Angeles, CA – AfterShock Comics, the industry’s fastest growing independent publishing company, is prompting both new and established comics audiences to “Read Dangerously,” claiming 2019 as The Year of Reading Dangerously. Supported by a robust advertising and marketing campaign, this call to action will serve as the rallying cry behind all AfterShock brand activities and initiatives over the course of the year. 

As publisher of many of the most talked about independent titles of the past few years – including ANIMOSITYA WALK THROUGH HELLDARK ARK and BABYTEETHAfterShock will push the envelope even further in 2019 with new releases and ongoing series that continue to thrill, chill and challenge – both imaginations and sensibilities. 

Working with top writers, artists and some of the brightest new stars in the creative community, soon-to-debut 2019 titles STRONGHOLDOBERONDARK REDOUT OF THE BLUE and HORDE, to name only a few, will cut across all genres to take readers far beyond their comfort zones. 

AfterShock was created to push new boundaries by giving the comic world’s most creative writers and artists free reign to blow readers’ minds,” said AfterShock’s Publisher and CCO Joe Pruett. “As a result, we’ve published some of the industry’s edgiest and most compelling content since our launch in 2015 and inked deals over the past year to bring a few of our flagship titles to the big screen with major studio partners. With groundbreaking new titles set for debut this year, there has never been a better time than right now to discover all that AfterShock has to offer.” 

’Read Dangerously’ emphasizes the caliber of our content,” said Steve Rotterdam, SVP of Sales and Marketing. “It’s an open invitation to readers looking to break away from the more conventional choices available to them and can also be embraced by retailers in their efforts to reach out and connect to new audiences. And we’re prepared to help them do that.” 

The theme will serve as the focal point of the brand’s 2019 marketing campaign, including new ads debuting in late January on the back covers of all titles, targeted digital advertising, podcast sponsorships, local comic shop initiatives, and prominent placement at major conventions throughout the year. Additional plans will be revealed at the ComicsPRO Annual Meeting to be held in Charlotte in late February.

About AfterShock Comics

AfterShock Comics is a creatively driven comic book publisher led by a team of highly accomplished, life-long comics professionals and entertainment specialists. AfterShock is dedicated to working with the brightest stars in the creative community to reach out to new and established audiences and tell original, uniquely compelling stories – through comics, graphic novels and beyond.

AfterShock’s executive team includes Editor-in-Chief Mike Marts; CCO/Publisher Joe Pruett; President Lee Kramer, a film/TV production and development executive; and CEO Jon Kramer, an entertainment entrepreneur with extensive worldwide production and distribution experience.

Please direct media inquiries to Aaron Marion of Public Haus Agency at aaron@publichausagency.com

20 Sep

AfterShock at New York Comic Con 2017

Headed to New York Comic Con this year? Please join AfterShock as we celebrate the East Coast’s largest pop culture convention and the only one that takes place in New York, the comic book, publishing, media, and licensing capital of the world!

Convention Days/Hours:
• Thursday, October 5: 10am–7pm
• Friday, October 6: 10am–7pm
• Saturday, October 7: 10am–7pm
• Sunday, October 8: 10am–5pm

Our Booth: 2238

Our New York Comic Con 2017 Exclusives (available at our booth):

Signings (at our booth): 
• Tim Seeley, Priscilla Petraites & Marco Lesko (BRILLIANT TRASH) – Friday, October 6: 11:00-12:00 PM
• Donny Cates (BABYTEETH) – Friday, October 6: 1:00-2:00 PM
• Dennis Calero (THE NORMALS) – Saturday, October 7: 11:00-12:00 PM
• Frank Tieri (PESTILENCE) – Saturday, October 7: 4:30-5:30 PM
• Justin Jordan (BACKWAYS & STRAYER) – Sunday, October 8: 1:00-2:00pm

Our Creators & Staff at the Overall Show:
• Dennis Calero (THE NORMALS)
• Donny Cates (BABYTEETH)
• Sal Cipriano (ROUGH RIDERS)
• Mirko Colak (UNHOLY GRAIL)
• Taylor Esposito (BABYTEETH)
• Justin Jordan (BACKWAYS & STRAYER)
• Tom Peyer (CAPTAIN KID)
• Priscilla Petraites (BRILLIANT TRASH)
• Frank Tieri (PESTILENCE)
• Lee Kramer (AfterShock President)
• Mike Marts (AfterShock Editor-In-Chief)
• Stephan Nilson (AfterShock Publishing Operations Manager)
• Lisa Wu (AfterShock Retailer/Fan Relations Manager)
• Ashley Wyatt (AfterShock Publishing Assistant)
• Mike Zagari (AfterShock SVP, Brand)
+ more!
*Note: Guests are subject to change

Additional Info:
• Official New York Comic Con website

06 Jul

Exclusive Deal with saldaPress for the Italian Market

We are proud to announce an exclusive deal between saldaPress and AfterShock Comics and its catalogue for the Italian market.

AfterShock Comics was founded in 2015 and immediately made a name as an innovative, interesting and creative publisher. Here is a partial list of some of the creators hired by AfterShock Comics: Brian Azzarello, Garth Ennis, Warren Ellis, Justin Jordan, Paul Jenkins, Joe Pruett, Mark Waid, David Hine, Jimmy Palmiotti, Amanda Conner, Tim Seeley and Tony Harris, with Italian artists like Leila Leiz, Alberto Ponticelli and Marco Failla. AfterShock Comics combines the lively creativity of an independent label with the strength and the experience of a traditional publisher with continued growth prospects.

The official Italian debut will be in September 2017 with AMERICAN MONSTER (by Brian Azzarello and Juan Doe). DREAMING EAGLES (by Garth Ennis and Simon Coleby), REPLICA (by Paul Jenkins and Andy Clarke), SECOND SIGHT(by David Hine and Alberto Ponticelli) and ANIMOSITY (by Marguerite Bennett and Rafael De Latorre) will be on the shelves of Italian bookstores later this fall.

“We are really happy to have an exclusive deal for Italy with saldaPress”, says Jon Kramer, AfterShock CEO. “SaldaPress recognized the amazing work done by Mike Marts, Joe Pruett and Lee Kramer. Together, in less than 18 months, we’ve created a very rich catalogue filled by big titles and big authors. Aftershock and saldaPress share the same vision regarding the future of comics”.

“Both publishing companies are grateful to their authors”, Mike Marts, AfterShock Comics Editor-in-Chief, says. “The creation of an original idea is almost as important as the publishing company itself. With no original ideas, there wouldn’t be stories to publish. SaldaPress shares this idea with AfterShock Comics and that is also why AfterShock Comics full catalogue will be available in Italy through saldaPress”.

Andrea Ciccarelli says, “We are happy to announce this new adventure and to be partners of AfterShock which represents a dynamic and innovative reality. We will be able to offer a wider variety of content to our readers by bringing them new and extremely high-quality books. We are positive the Italian audience will be very enthusiastic about this”.

Founded in 2001, saldaPress has made a name for itself as one of the most active and lively comic books publishing company in Italy. SaldaPress gives a lot of attention to comic books. They also collaborate with Skybound, Image Comics, IDW and Dark Horse and always try to showcase new emerging creative talents. SaldaPress’ philosophy revolves around attention to stories’ qualities and in creating a trustworthy bound with its readers.

This new agreement with AfterShock consolidates its creative mission and philosophy. AfterShock Comics made its debut in the American market in April 2015. Besides Marts, ASC team includes Joe Pruett (CCO/Publisher), Lee Kramer (President and Development Executive with movie and television experience), Jon Kramer (CEO), Mike Zagari (Senior Vice President, Brand) and Jawad Qureshi (Senior Vice President, Investor Relations).

11 Apr

AfterShock at C2E2 2017

Headed to the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo, aka C2E2, this year? AfterShock will be there in full force to celebrate the comic book and pop culture convention spanning the latest and greatest from the world of comics, movies, television, toys, anime, manga and video games. 

Convention Days/Hours:
• Friday, April 21: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
• Saturday, April 22: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
• Sunday, April 23: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Our Booth: 417

Our C2E2 Exclusives (available at our booth):
• Eleanor & Egret #1 (C2E2 exclusive cover)
• World Reader #1 (C2E2 exclusive cover)
• Jimmy’s Bastards poster – Dave Johnson art (Series written by Garth Ennis with interiors by Russ Braun)
• Babyteeth poster – Garry Brown art (Signed by creator + writer Donny Cates)

Signings (at our booth): 
• Marguerite Bennett – Friday, April 21: 2:30-3:30 PM
• Phil Hester – Saturday, April 22: 2:30-3:30 PM
• Donny Cates – Sunday, April 23: 1:00-2:00 PM

Our Panel:
• Sunday, April 23: 10:45am
• Room: S403
• Description: Join Donny Cates (BABYTEETH), Adam Glass (ROUGH RIDERSTHE NORMALS), Brian Azzarello (AMERICAN MONSTER), Phil Hester (SHIPWRECKBLOOD BLISTER), Justin Jordan (STRAYER), Joe Pruett (AfterShock Publisher/CCO & BLACK-EYED KIDS), Mike Zagari (Aftershock SVP Digital/Creative) and more of the AfterShock Comics creative team as they discuss their current titles and future plans! (NOTE: Guests are subject to change)

Our Creators & Staff at the Show:
• Brian Azzarello (AMERICAN MONSTER)
• Marguerite Bennett (ANIMOSITYINSEXTS)
• Donny Cates (BABYTEETH)
• Justin Jordan (STRAYER)
• Lee Kramer (AfterShock President)
• Stephan Nilson (AfterShock Publishing Operations Manager)
• Joe Pruett (AfterShock Publisher/CCO & BLACK-EYED KIDS)
• Lisa Wu (AfterShock Retailers/Fan Relations Manager)
• Mike Zagari (Aftershock SVP Digital/Creative)
• + more!
*Note: Guests are subject to change

Additional Info:
• Official C2E2 AfterShock website

22 Mar

Limited-time Exclusive Digital Connecting Covers

For the first time, AfterShock and comiXology have partnered to provide limited-time exclusive digital connecting covers across several exciting titles. These covers will only be available to add to your digital collection via the comiXology platform until May 11th 2017.

Issues included are InSEXts #10 (Marguerite Bennett & Ariela Kristantina), Rough Riders: Riders on the Storm #2 (Adam Glass & Patrick Olliffe), Black-Eyed Kids #12 (Joe Pruett & Szymon Kudranski), Shipwreck #4 (Warren Ellis & Phil Hester), Animosity #6 (Marguerite Bennett & Rafael de Latorre), Jackpot! #5 (Ray Fawkes & Georges Duarte), and Captain Kid #5(Mark Waid, Tom Peyer & Wilfredo Torres). The connecting covers were illustrated by Mike Zagari and colored by Gabe Eltaeb.

Each digital comic will be released over the course of the next month, but can be pre-ordered right now! Remember to act fast, as time is extremely limited to get these exclusive digital covers.

19 Sep

AfterShock at New York Comic Con 2016

Headed to New York Comic Con this year? AfterShock will be there in full force to celebrate the East Coast’s biggest and most exciting pop culture convention!

Convention Days/Hours:
• Oct 6th, Thursday, 10am – 7pm
• Oct 7th, Friday, 10am – 7pm
• Oct 8th, Saturday, 10am – 7pm
• Oct 9th, Sunday, 10am – 5pm

Our Booth: 2238

Our Panel: 
• Time: Oct 7th, Friday, 8pm
• Location: Room 1A05
• Title: AfterShock Comics: Past, Present and Future
• Description: Join Mike Marts (Editor-in-Chief), Joe Pruett (CCO/Publisher), Adam Glass (Rough Riders), Brian Azzarello (American Monster), Juan Doe (American Monster), Mike Zagari (SVP, Digital-Creative) and more of the AfterShock Comics creative team as they discuss their current titles and future plans! (Guests are subject to change)

Our NYCC Comic Exclusives (available at our booth):
• Dreaming Eagles Variant Hardcover collection – Cover by Francesco Francavilla
• Animosity #2 – Variant Cover by Szymon Kudranski
• Black-Eyed Kids #6 – Variant Cover by Szymon Kudranski
• Rough Riders #6 – Variant Cover by Andrew Robinson
• InSEXts #8 – Variant Cover by Elizabeth Torque
• Shipwreck #1 – Variant Cover by Elizabeth Torque

Our Creators at the Show (appearance times at booth are TBD):
• Adam Glass
• Alberto Ponticelli
• Amanda Conner
• Brian Azzarello
• Garth Ennis
• Jimmy Palmiotti
• Joe Pruett
• John Kalisz
• Juan Doe
• Justin Jordan
• Marguerite Bennett
• Tim Seeley
• + more!

Our Special Rewards and Purchasable Merchandise (available at our booth):
• AfterShock Comics and Collected Editions
• AfterShock CBCS graded books (regular and signed)
• AfterShock Collectible Die Cast Pins
• AfterShock T-shirts & Stickers

Events at our booth:
• Garth Ennis signing
Oct 8th, Saturday, 12pm – Anyone who purchases the limited-edition NYCC Exclusive Dreaming Eagles Hardcover Collection (prior to Garth Ennis’ signing) will be given priority line position. Fans who do not have the NYCC Exclusive Dreaming Eagles Hardcover can come back to the AfterShock booth at a later time to meet Garth.

• Brian Azzarello signing
Oct 7th, Friday, 4-5pm – Brian will sign as many American Monster comics as you would like (within reason) and up to one item from another publisher

• Adam Glass signings
Oct 7th, Friday, 3-5pm
Oct 8th, Saturday, 11-12pm

• Joe Pruett signings
Oct 6th, Thursday, 2pm–4pm

• Limited Edition Collectible Die Cast Pins
Various times at our booth – Featuring your favorite characters from Animosity, InSEXts, American Monster, Alters, Rough Riders, Black-Eyed Kids, SuperZero, and more! Each AfterShock pin will be available on different days. Pins are “retired” after their time slot has expired or supplies last. Please come to the booth to find out how to get one of these exclusive collectibles!

• More events to be announced – come back soon!

Contests at our booth:
• Get special rewards for cosplaying as an AfterShock character
• Get special rewards for taking a selfie at the booth and posting to social media with @AfterShockComix
• Get special rewards for spinning the AfterShock Prize Wheel

Additional Info:
• Official NYCC AfterShock website

27 Feb

AfterShock at Emerald City Comicon 2017

Headed to Emerald City Comicon this year? AfterShock will be there in full force to celebrate premier comic book and pop culture convention in the Northwest, taking place in beautiful downtown Seattle, Washington.

Convention Days/Hours:
• Thursday, March 2: 2:00 PM – 7:00 PM
• Friday, March 3: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
• Saturday, March 4: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
• Sunday, March 5: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Our Booth: 1212

Our Emerald City Comicon Exclusives (available at our booth):
• Animosity #5 – Variant Cover by Mike Rooth
• Blood Blister #1 – Variant Cover by Phil Hester
• Black-Eyed Kids #11 – Variant Cover by Francesco Francavilla
• Rough Riders: Riders on the Storm #1 – Variant Cover by Patrick Olliffe
• Babyteeth poster – Signed by creator + writer Donny Cates with art by Garry Brown

Our Creators & Staff at the Show:
• Marguerite Bennett (ANIMOSITY)
• Tamra Bonvillain (ALTERS)
• Donny Cates (BABYTEETH)
• Ray Fawkes (JACKPOT!)
• Kelly Fitzpatrick
• Justin Jordan (STRAYER)
• Lee Kramer (AfterShock President)
• Ariela Kristantina (INSEXTS)
• Mike Marts (Aftershock Editor-in-Chief)
• Stephan Nilson (AfterShock Publishing Operations Manager)
• Joe Pruett (AfterShock Publisher/CCO & BLACK-EYED KIDS)
• Lisa Wu (AfterShock Retailers/Fan Relations Manager)
• + more!

Additional Info:
• Official Emerald City Comicon AfterShock website