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via AIPT:

The Free Comic Book Day details keep coming today, as Titan Comics has detailed their Conan the Barbarian plans, and now AfterShock Comics has outlined what they’ll have on offer. Kicking things off, AfterShock was named a Gold Sponsor by Diamond Comic Distributors. Their selection this year will be devoted to their Seismic Press young adult graphic novel imprint. Titled Seismic Stories, the 32-page comic will feature all-original content with content from the upcoming The Darkness We Brought Back and Animosity.

Free Comic Book Day will take place on May 6, 2023.

So what’s the Prelude to the Darkness We Brought Back story about?

“Prelude to the Darkness We Brought Back” is an original standalone story that takes place days before the events depicted in THE DARKNESS WE BROUGHT BACK, the 112-page graphic novel that will debut a few weeks after FCBD. Written and illustrated by the same award winning creative team – Rex Ogle, Alex Segura and Joe Eisma – this fantasy adventure is a coming of age tale depicting high schoolers of diverse backgrounds thrown together into an alternate reality only to return as a team who must do battle with otherworldly monsters in order to save their town and the planet.

The Darkness We Brought Back has been an absolute pleasure,” said co-author Alex Segura. “Rex and I have these kind of stories in our DNA, character-driven tales that are packed with supernatural elements while still focusing on the personal dramas our heroes are facing. It’s a big love letter to Buffy, Chris Claremont’s New Mutants, with a dash of The Magicians and the Narnia books.”

Added co-author Rex Ogle, “I’ve always wanted to write a story with a Narnia-type door… only one that leads to a darker place, a world that offers up only nightmares. Teens dealing with monsters has always been a fun place to exist creatively, so it was an absolute joy to bring that idea to life with a friend like Alex and an artist like Joe.”

So what’s Animosity Tales: One Day More about?

Tells a heretofore unknown original standalone story from young Jesse and her canine friend Sandor’s now legendary trek across the country following the day the Animals woke up – when they started thinking, started talking and started taking revenge.

Check out the cover below.

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