Bad Reception


Bad Reception #1 Juan Doe cover
Order Code: JUN191350
On Sale: AUG 2019


Bad Reception #1 Paul Azaceta 1:10 incentive cover
Order Code: JUN191351
On Sale: AUG 2019

Writer: Juan Doe

Artist: Juan Doe

Colorist: Juan Doe

Letterer: Juan Doe

Cover Artist: Juan Doe


It’s the celebrity wedding of the century, set in an undisclosed, remote location, with no access to wifi, cell phone reception or the outside world. But the dream wedding becomes a nightmare when, one by one, the guests are brutally slaughtered by a serial killer who brands his victims with a hashtag.

A searing horror story that doubles as a topical, satirical critique on society’s obsession with technology, social media and the cult of celebrity, BAD RECEPTION is written, drawn, colored and even lettered by AfterShock’s very own Juan Doe (DARK ARK, AMERICAN MONSTER, WORLD READER)!

Rating 17+

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BAD RECEPTION #2 Juan Doe cover
Order Code: JUL191434
On Sale: SEPTEMBER 2019


The toast has been made and the cake has been cut.

The most intimate wedding reception of the century has started, and all the guests are suffering a bad case of nomophobia (a.k.a. “no-mobile-phone phobia”). But things get real in a hurry when the mysterious killer sets off a frenzy that drives the remaining guests into a world of unknown primal fear. Now they must learn to depend on each other if they are to survive the hunt.

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