14 Oct

Hamilton & Matrone’s middle-grade GN FEARBOOK CLUB coming next year from AfterShock

The second offering from AfterShock’s Seismic Press imprint is due out in January 2022.

Last month saw the release of Rainbow Bridge, the first young reader graphic novel offering from AfterShock Comics’s new Seismic Press imprint. Now the next title from Seismic Press has been revealed, as AfterShock has announced Fearbook Club, a new middle-grade graphic novel from writer Richard Ashley Hamilton, artist Marco Matrone, and letterer Dave Sharpe. The book follows a middle school yearbook club as they investigate a group of ghosts who are haunting their school.

Here’s how AfterShock describes Fearbook Club:

When shy 6th-grade shutterbug Whit Garcia starts middle school, he’s forced to join a yearbook club with three other weirdos who will never be voted “most likely to succeed.” But after the ghosts of missing students start haunting them, Whit, Hester, Hillary and Press must solve the supernatural secret behind these spirits — or their yearbook club will be voted most likely to join them.

But are these ghostly students the real bad guys? Or are they just warning Whit and his friends? Warning them about a darkness beyond their schoolyard…a darkness that threatens to swallow the school – and its occupants – whole.

Fearbook Club is the latest graphic novel from writer Richard Ashley Hamilton, who has worked on previous books for Dark Horse and DC Comics. It’s the first collaboration between Hamilton and artist Marco Matrone, and the first AfterShock work for either creator, though the latest in a long line of work for letterer Dave Sharpe.

In a statement announcing the new graphic novel, Hamilton described what Fearbook Club is about, and what he hopes young readers take away from the book:

“Our story is about fear and how today’s kids — kids like my sons — are growing up saturated in it. Fear follows them everywhere, in their devices, in social media, in their parents’ dinner table conversations.

We grown-ups are lucky because we get to sublimate our fears whenever we see scary movies or read horror books that speak directly to us as adults. Kids don’t quite have that same opportunity. My hope is that Fearbook Club gives them a way to safely process their fears in fiction that is both about them and for them.

That’s the main reason I’m excited for readers to experience our book. The second is that Fearbook Club actually started out as a campfire story I told my boys one Friday the 13th. It gave them the worst nightmares ever. I am now very much looking forward to traumatizing other people’s children, too.”

Check out a 10-page preview of interiors from Fearbook Club below. The 112-page middle grade graphic novel is due out in comic shops on Wednesday, January 5th, 2022, and everywhere on Tuesday, January 18th, 2022.

14 Oct

Seeley & Howell’s DARK RED returns for new WHERE ROADS LEAD one-shot

The latest “One-Shock” from AfterShock Comics is due out in January.

Writer Tim Seeley and artist Corin Howell‘s Dark Red debuted from AfterShock Comics back in 2019, and quickly won readers over with its blend of political satire and vampiric horror. Now the world of the series is set to return next year with Dark Red: Where Roads Lead, the latest of AfterShock’s “One-Shock” specials. The one-shot will be written by Seeley, illustrated by Howell, colored by Mark Englert (who also colored the previous five-issue series), and lettered by Carlos M. Mangual. The issue will arrive with a main cover by Howell, and an incentive variant cover by Andy Clarke and Jose Villarrubia.

Here’s how AfterShock describes Dark Red: Where Roads Lead:

The hit vampires-in-the-heartland series returns!

Following the events surrounding the defeat of the Order of the Eventide, blue-collar vampire Chip tries to return to his life of quiet, rural isolation. But soon he has to ditch his late-night convenience store shift to travel across the country to New Orleans to visit a dying veteran. What starts as a trip of noble intent becomes a quest through a hell of wars to retrieve a stolen soul and escape an old enemy.

Writer Tim Seeley (BRILLIANT TRASH, THE BEQUEST) and artist Corin Howell (Shadow Service) return to bring us the next chapter in the epic tale of horror and adventure that is DARK RED – and this one has twice the bite!

In a press release announcing the new One-Shock, Seeley described the enduring appeal of vampires:

“I mean, besides the whole violence and sex thing, which, let’s face it, is the real appeal, vampire stories are flexible and adaptable to every era. To some degree, a vampire story is always about assets, about haves and have nots, and about the race to do something with your life before you’re dead.”

Check out an unlettered five-page preview, as well as the incentive variant cover, for the Dark Red: Where Roads Lead one-shot below. The 48-page issue is set to arrive in comic shops on Wednesday, January 12th, 2022.

11 Oct


The folks at AfterShock Comics have a lot of new books coming out, from tales of Jack the Ripper hiding out in the Wild West to twisted fairy tales where the three little pigs get their genitals attached to car batteries. Yeah, it’s that kind of publishing house.

At AfterShock’s panel at New York Comic Con on Sunday, the writers and editors gave fans a taste of what to expect in the next few months from the comics publisher. For example, this week marked the debut of Chicken Devil, a “Fast Food Thriller” (according to the description on the website) by writer Brian Buccellato and artist Hayden Sherman.

“[Chicken Devil] is about a guy who makes really good chicken, who has problems with his partner, gets in over his head, then goes on a revenge fantasy… but is not equipped,” said Buccellato, who was one of the panelists. “It’s a dark comedy. It’s meta. It plays with tropes. It’s light and funny while dealing with revenge, death and the Russian mob.”

Later this month, AfterShock will release Cross to Bear, by writer Marko Stojanovic and artist Siniša Banovic. Per the publisher’s description, Cross to Bear centers on Jack the Ripper hiding out in the American West, and a secret order hunting him down. The first issue comes out Oct. 13.

Another title coming out this month is AfterDark, a horror-themed anthology one-shot with stories written by Cullen Bunn, Jim Starlin, Joe Pruett, and Frank Tieri. AfterDark also goes on sale Oct. 13.

Next month, AfterShock will debut a new series called The Heathens. According to managing editor and panelist Christina Harrington, The Heathens “is an ensemble” about “a bunch of killers throughout history trapped in hell tasked with coming to our world to find other killers who are even worse who escaped.” Issue #1 will be released Nov. 3.

Harrington also let attendees know about another title coming out in November: My Date with Monsters, by writer Paul Tobin and artist Andy MacDonald. “The monsters in the dreaming world have escaped into our own,” Harrington explained. “Nasty creatures from other cultures, fairy tales, and things like that.”

When one woman learns that the only way to close the door to our world for these monsters is to fall in love, she refuses. “She’d rather let monsters enter our world than go on a date,” Harrington said. Issue #1 of My Date with Monsters is available Nov. 10.

Writer and panelist Tieri let attendees know about another AfterShock Comics one-shot he worked on that’s coming out in December: Tales of Mother F. Goose. Per Tieri’s description, it’s a twisted fairy tale where “Georgie Porgie is a pimp who is whacked,” and “Jack Horner is a cop who rounds up suspects like the Three Little Pigs and Puss-in-Boots.” And Detective Horner will do what it takes to get his man, even if it means attaching car batteries to the pigs’ genitals to get them to squeal. Yeah, it’s that kind of book.

And this is only a sampling of the titles and trade paperbacks that AfterShock teased at the panel. We didn’t even get to the Miskatonicone-shot, Maniac of New York: The Bronx is Burning, or the trade paperback of Nuclear Family — all of which are coming soon. Suffice it to say, this publishing house is very busy. Those interested in learning about more can check out the publisher’s website.

21 Sep

Bunny Mask Returns to AfterShock Comics for Volume 2 (Exclusive)

Paul Tobin, Andrea Mutti and Taylor Esposito reunite for Bunny Mask: The Hollow Inside, the second volume of their AfterShock Comics series.

The AfterShock Comics horror series Bunny Mask is gearing up for a comeback in the spring of 2022.

CBR can exclusively announce Bunny Mask: The Hollow Inside, the second volume of writer Paul Tobin, artist Andrea Mutti and letterer Taylor Esposito’s hit comic. The series finds Bunny Mask free from her cave while still dishing out her signature brand of justice.

“As AfterShock’s second highest-selling title of all time, bringing Bunny Mask back for a second volume was a pure no-brainer,” AfterShock Comics editor-in-chief Mike Marts said. “Writer Paul Tobin and artist Andrea Mutti have rewritten the rules on what a horror comic can actually be. And if you thought the first volume was full of turns, twists and terror, you haven’t seen anything yet.”

Bunny Mask is the story of how Tyler Severin, a doctor, accidentally unleashes Bunny Mask herself – an eerie supernatural woman with uncanny powers – into the world. With his more-than-reluctant aid, she seeks out ‘sickness,’ as defined in her own unfathomable mind, and deals with it in her own creepy and often fatal manner,” Tobin said. “It’s basically as if you became friends with the girl from The Ring. In the first volume, Tyler attempts to deal with Bunny Mask, meanwhile getting to know (and fall for) a woman named Bee Foster, who is supposed to be dead, and who has some strange connection to Bunny Mask herself. The second volume continues to focus on the theme of identity, now with a new character called the Hollow, a bizarre creature who devours the very existence of his victims, leaving no memory or mark of the person behind, wiping away any memories or physical evidence the person ever existed at all! This is something Bunny Mask DEFINITELY defines as sickness!”

Tobin also gave his thoughts on who could direct and star in a Bunny Mask feature film. “Oh! Good question! I’d love to see a film or tv adaptation! As for director, someone like Takashi Miike would be amazing, though there’s an amazing wealth of other people I’d love. I’ve an affinity for Japanese and Korean horror directors, as I feel they work with the pure tension of horror in interesting ways,” Tobin opined. “Wouldn’t have to be a horror director, though, because I think a good comedy director has the chops to make a horror film. The two genres have such focus on precise timing that if you can do one, you can do the other. For that reason, people like Olivia Wilde (who I thought was amazing with Booksmart) or Rian Johnson with his impeccable Knives Out would be fantastic. There’s a lot of others, though. And, an actress to portray Bunny Mask? Hmm…I’d probably go with someone new who could really make her mark. Someone who can exude presence even while just standing still. A Veronica Lake. A Theda Bara. A Josephine Baker.”

When asked if Tobin has a favorite page or panel from either the first or second volume, he replied, “There’s a page in the fourth issue of the first volume that I’m particularly proud of, one where Bunny Mask speaks a line that I’m proud to have written. I won’t spoil it by blathering about it here. And the sequence we chose for the preview of the second volume, with Bunny Mask speaking with a dying woman in a hospital bed, is one I really like. There’s another scene in the first volume where Bunny Mask reads the future of a young girl by holding her teeth, and I like that one, too. Honestly, I like any of the scenes where Bunny Mask feels otherworldly and eerie, a creature that you can feel you’re on the verge of understanding, but never will.”

He concluded with his thoughts on what he hopes readers take away from the new volume. “A sense of dread,” Tobin concluded. “A feeling that they’d like to meet Bunny Mask, and the knowledge they’d regret it if they did.”

Bunny Mask: The Hollow Inside #1 goes on sale in spring 2022 from AfterShock Comics.


  • Writer: Paul Tobin
  • Artist: Andrea Mutti
  • Letterer: Taylor Esposito
  • Cover: Andrea Mutti w/ Colleen Coover
  • On sale Spring 2022
  • Her footfalls don’t exist. She leaves no marks. Her eyes are a white abyss. Her name is Bunny Mask, and she’s free from her cave and moving through the city, searching for sickness and enacting her own unfathomable sense of justice. Can Tyler Severin control her? Does he want to? The answers to that are still hidden, but what’s clear is that Bunny Mask is back to grab you by your teeth, and never let go.

14 Sep

Tales of Mother F. Goose Turns Your Favorite Fairy Tales Into a Tarantino Movie

Frank Tieri and Joe Eisma collaborate on Tales of Mother F. Goose, an AfterShock Comics prestige one-shot remixing familiar fairy tales.

A new AfterShock Comics book titled Tales of Mother F. Goose takes familiar fairy tales and twists them into something you’d find in a Quentin Tarantino movie.

Writer Frank Tieri, artist Joe Eisma, colorist Matt Herms and letterer Carlos M. Mangual are the creative team on Tales of Mother F. Goose, a prestige format one-shot that picks up after Shock‘s “Little Red Hood” and AfterDark‘s “Along Came a Spider.” Other AfterShock titles from Tieri include Pestilence and contributing stories in both Shock and AfterDark.

“Basically both these projects expand on the world we set up in ‘Little Red Hood’ — and they do it through the mob boss who is essentially the glue that holds all this shit together, Don Francesco Orca, our Mother F. Goose. (Orca means Goose in Italian. And yeah, his name is Francesco. What did ya think the F stood for? ;))” Tieri said regarding Tales of Mother F. Goose and its prelude in AfterDark.

“Orca was introduced in ‘Little Red Hood’ where we saw he was the major player in this world and has his fingers in everything. This plays into Tales of Mother F. Goose where there’s a murder– local pimp Georgie Porgie– who was apparently going to drop a dime on Orca. Detective Jack Horner and his partner, a certain Miss Muffet, have nabbed a number of suspects and through their interrogation we get our MFG versions of the tales of Puss-in-Boots, The Three Little Pigs, and Three Blind Mice. It’s actually a bit of a murder mystery as we find all these suspects have ties to Orca and it’s a question of who actually has the deepest ties of all and did the deed,” he said.

“The ‘Along Came a Spider’ story in AfterDark, which hits stands in October, will act as a quasi-prelude to Tales of Mother F. Goose,” Tieri continued. “Here we find the aforementioned Muffet as she tracks down a serial killer known as the Spider. This is essentially Muffet’s origin story and we’ll see how and why she gets the tattoo she’s later sporting in MFG. It’s also a horror story and a rather disturbing one, especially if you’re a bit skeeved by spiders (and who isn’t?).”

Tales of Mother F. Goose goes on sale Dec. 8 from AfterShock Comics.

Tales Of Mother F. Goose

  • ONE SHOT / $6.99 / 48 pages / Color / On Sale 12.08.21
  • Writer: Frank Tieri
  • Artist: Joe Eisma
  • Colorist: Matt Herms
  • Letterer: Carlos M. Mangual
  • Cover: Joe Eisma w/ Mike Herms
  • Incentive Cover: Amanda Conner w/ Paul Mounts
  • The Three Little Pigs are gluttonous casino owners. Little Miss Muffet is a hard-nosed cop with arachnophobia. The Three Blind Mice are ocularly impaired assassins. Puss in Boots is a feline-faced scumbag.
  • Welcome to MOTHER F. GOOSE, where your favorite fairy tales are turned into twisted characters right out of a Tarantino movie. Picking up from “LITTLE RED HOOD” (SHOCK) and “ALONG CAME A SPIDER” (AFTERDARK), we will make you a promise: this is the book that will ruin your childhood. Sorry, kids!


31 Aug

AfterShock First Look: Maniac of New York: The Bronx is Burning #1

The bloody saga of Maniac Harry continues!

After the tragedy of The Death Train, Detective Zelda Pettibone and mayoral aide Gina Greene have lost the trail of the Maniac — and the support of the city. Copycats are springing up, tensions are high and traffic is a nightmare. So, what happens when your favorite unstoppable, mindless killer resurfaces in a Bronx high school? Can Zelda and Gina get there before Maniac Harry adds to his body count? Will the students tear their attention away from their phones long enough to notice there’s a monster in the halls?

Writer Elliott Kalan and artist Andrea Mutti return for the next chapter of the hit horror-satire that’s somehow even scarier than the world we actually live in!

Maniac of New York: The Bronx is Burning #1

Writer: Elliott Kalan
Artist: Andrea Mutti
Letterer: Taylor Esposito
Cover: Andrea Mutti
Maniac Harry Mask Variant: Andrea Mutti
Incentive Cover: Jonathan Luna
$4.99 / 32 Pages / Color
On Sale 12.01.21


“In Volume One, Maniac Of New York: The Death Train, we were introduced to the masked, seemingly undead slasher-killer Maniac Harry. He’s spent four years terrorizing New York because the city government found him so unstoppable that it was easier to just let New Yorkers live with the constant threat of sudden, bloody death. That is, until Gina Greene, a driven and idealistic mayoral aide, takes on the job of stopping Harry for good — if she can convince Detective Zelda Pettibone, the jaded outcast cop on the Maniac beat, to help her. The arc centers around Harry slaughtering his way through a subway train as Gina and Zelda try to save the people onboard. We learn that Gina was the only surviving camp counselor at the scene of Harry’s first massacre, years before, and that Zelda feels guilty for testifying against her ex-partner when he shot an unarmed young man. By the end of the arc, the Maniac is still on the loose, and in order to keep her job Gina has taken the public blame for the Death Train disaster. That should catch everybody up!”


“The new arc, The Bronx Is Burning, will give us more glimpses of how Maniac Harry has really insinuated himself into the fabric of New York life: copycat criminals, school Maniac drills, rap lyrics… We’ll also be following the Maniac into parts of the city we haven’t seen before, culminating in a huge scene at a public event that I’ve been wanting to include ever since the first series and which I can’t wait to see Andrea draw. We’ll also see Gina and Zelda’s relationship develop further, as Gina becomes more coldly obsessed with stopping the Maniac, pushing Zelda away from her. And Lena, final girl of the Death Train, will return on a quest of her own.”


“This series has fewer overt movie influences than the first one, but I’m sure there are plenty in there that I haven’t noticed and will be pointed out to me when the books come out. With MANIAC VOL. 2, a lot of my thinking was in trying to broaden the landscape of the series. Vol. 1 spent so much time in the subway, but New York is a whole world, with lots of spaces we don’t get to see in movies too often: schools, bodegas, stadiums. The places New Yorkers go, and where the Maniac is bound to follow. The problem is, New York is just too damn big a city to do justice to in a handful of issues. Hopefully, we’ll just have to do even more someday.”


“Going back for a second volume on Elliott and Andrea’s MANIAC OF NEW YORK was a no-brainer…five issues and one borough weren’t enough to tell the complete story of Harry and his maniacal rampage.”


17 Aug

Aftershocks My Date with Monsters Mixes Nightmares Monsters And Modern Dating

The newest AfterShock Comics title takes weaponized nightmares and mixes them with monsters and modern dating to save the world.

An upcoming AfterShock Comics book titled My Date with Monsters promises to mix weaponized nightmares with monsters and modern dating.

My Date with Monsters is from the creative team of writer Paul Tobin, artist Andy MacDonald, colorist DJ Chavis and letterer Taylor Esposito, with covers by MacDonald and Chavis and an incentive cover by James Harren. AfterShock describes the title as “a unique story of one woman’s quest to save the world, if only she could learn the difference between love and monsters.”

My Date with Monsters is about finding monsters and true love, and learning to tell the difference. It’s a world where dream research has ripped a hole between realities, and now legions of legendary monsters stalk the lands. The only way these dream portals can be closed is if certain people quit having nightmares, if they find peace, and lead character Risa needs…to fall in love,” Tobin said. “We’re talking TRUE love. Helping her (mostly) is Croak…, a troll with (maybe) her best interests in mind, but he’s ALSO fond of how she finds and kills monsters, because Croak eats monsters, and he’s always ravenous. So the comic is Risa’s story of trying to navigate a world that’s both full of monsters, and monstrously bad dates. She isn’t sure which she’d rather face.”

“Comic fans! Fans of love, fans of coming together in the face of nightmare monsters from other dimensions! Fans of creating happiness for oneself and others! Fans of monsters eating other monsters because it’s the right goddamn thing to do!” MacDonald said. “EVERYONE should pick up this book because in these tumultuous times we all need to see that we can get through it together! Even if being together means almost being eaten by nightmares, having a monster give questionable life lessons to your kids and endless horrible dates.”

My Date with Monsters #1 goes on sale Nov. 10 from AfterShock Comics.

My Date with Monsters #1 / $4.99 / 32 Pages / Color / 11.10.2021

  • Writer: Paul Tobin
  • Artist: Andy MacDonald
  • Colorist: DJ Chavis
  • Letterer: Taylor Esposito
  • Cover: Andy MacDonald w/ DJ Chavis
  • Incentive Cover: James Harren
  • Seven years ago, an attempt to weaponize dreams resulted in holes being punched through the world we know and into the world of dreams. Nightmarish creatures now stalk the land, sprouting from (and killing) anyone unlucky enough to dream. The only way to save the world is for certain people to have their dreams come true.
  • Which is how Risa Harumi finds herself not only fighting monsters, but forced into finding true love. Monsters and modern dating? It feels like a nightmare either way, and the only help Risa has is a friendly-ish monster named Croak and her pre-teen daughter, Machi.
  • From Paul Tobin (BUNNY MASK) and Andy MacDonald (I BREATHED A BODY, Multiple Man), comes a unique story of one woman’s quest to save the world, if only she could learn the difference between love and monsters.



10 Aug

AfterShock First Look: Miskatonic: Even Death May Die

The horrifying events in the Miskatonic Valley have torn apart retired detective Tom Malone and ex-FBI agent Miranda Keller.

AIPT Comics

AfterShock Comics has a new prestige-format graphic novel on the way from Mark Sable and Giorgio Pontrelli called Miskatonic. Below you’ll find solicit info, preview art, and thoughts on the series from Sable. Out November 17th, it’s the follow-up to a series we rather liked at AIPT.

The hit series returns as a prestige-format One Shock!

The horrifying events in the Miskatonic Valley have torn apart retired detective Tom Malone and ex-FBI agent Miranda Keller. Miranda tries to escape a Deep One concentration camp and a traumatized Tom is obsessed with finding and freeing her. But soon they both start sharing dreams of Cthulhu, a monstrous entity in the South Pacific who will soon awaken and bring about the end of the world as we know it.

From the returning team of Mark Sable (Graveyard of Empires, WAR ON TERROR: GODKILLERS) and Giorgio Pontrelli (Dylan Dog).


Writer: Mark Sable
Artist: Giorgio Pontrelli
Colorist: Pippa Bowland
Letterer: Dave Sharpe
Cover: Jeremy Haun
Incentive Cover: Cliff Richards
$6.99 / 48 pages / Color /
Release Date:

For more on this series, read Sable’s thoughts below.


“MISKATONIC: EVEN DEATH MAY DIE special is a 48-page, oversized grand finale to MISKATONIC, the crime/horror/historical fiction set in H.P. Lovecraft’s valley of the same name, picking up right where the series left off in the late 1920’s. The protagonists are the same. Miranda Keller, one of the first female FBI agents, trying to escape from a concentration camp for half-man, half-sea creature, the Deep Ones in the American Southwest.  Her partner Tom Keller, a retired NYPD officer from Lovecraft’s The Horror of Red Hook, is trying to track her down.  All of this is set against the backdrop of America’s first red scare…and a strange supernatural call people are hearing across the globe – the Call of Cthulhu.”


“I try to make every book I write as stand-alone as possible, in the same way I tried to make MISKATONIC accessible and enjoyable to those who’ve never read Lovecraft’s work.  That said, I do think reading the series will enhance your experience.”


“Without getting into spoilers, I love the way that artist Giorgio Pontrelli slowly shows Miranda’s transformation into…something not of this world.  It’s incredible storytelling.  And I’d be remiss if I didn’t heap praise on Jeremy Haun’s cover for the book, which may be the best drawing of Cthulhu that I’ve ever seen.”


“Incredible.  Giorgio and colorist Pippa Bowland create magic together, and each time I get a page it’s a real treat.  Letterer Dave Sharpe had a tough act to follow coming after Thomas Mauer but his work is the unsung hero of this book. Having Jeremy Haun on covers for this and WAR ON TERROR: GODKILLERS has spoiled me.  And AfterShock editor, Christina Harrington, giving the perfect mix of critique and creative freedom, pushing me to do what I think is my best work in years. And AfterShock has just been a joy to work with, from editorial to sales and marketing I’ve felt nothing but support and appreciation. I have two more yet-to-be announced books coming out from them, and I can’t think of a better home for them.” 

03 Aug

AfterShock Announces “The Heathens”

Cover by Sami Kivelä

AfterShock Comics have announced “The Heathens,” a new supernatural series from writers Cullen Bunn and Heath Amodio, with art by Sami Kivelä (“Undone by Blood,” “Abbott”), colors by Jason Wordie, and lettering by Simon Bowland. The comic will see some of history’s most evil souls escaping Hell, and the pirate queen Ching Shih being ordered to hunt them down and retrieve them. Her team, the Heathens, will consist of fellow historical criminals Lucky Luciano, Bumpy Johnson, Sofia the Golden Hand, and Billy the Kid.

Bunn said in the press release, “Anyone who is familiar with me as a creator knows I love historical figures and time periods. They also know I love infusing stories featuring those characters and time periods with a healthy dose of the supernatural.

Heath brought the seed of this idea to me, and I loved it from the jump. It has history, villains, even worse villains, supernatural worlds, and redemption — everything that I could hope for in a book!”

Heath Amodio is the co-founder of Bunn’s production company Hustle and Heart Films. He said, “Cullen really focuses my writing. I tend to just start writing and whatever’s uncovered is where I go with the story. Cullen is more structured than I am, and that really helps when going back and forth with a story like this. He’s a great writer so working with him the past couple of years has undoubtedly elevated my own storytelling.”

“The Heathens” #1 will be released on November 3, and will retail for $4.99. You can read the full solicit and Q&A with the writers below the incentive cover by Andrea Mutti, and unlettered interior artwork.

The Heathens #1 / $4.99 / 32 pages / Color / 11.03.2021

Writers: Cullen Bunn & Heath Amodio

Artist: Sami Kivelä

Colorist: Jason Wordie

Letterer: Simon Bowland

Cover: Sami Kivelä w/ Jason Wordie

Incentive Cover: Andrea Mutti

When evil men and women escape from the depths of the eternal abyss, the Pirate Queen Lady Shih is sent to retrieve them. But when one of history’s most notorious killers breaks free, even she needs help. Enter the Heathens: Shih, Lucky Luciano, Bumpy Johnson, Sofia the Golden Hand, and Billy the Kid. From Hell they came to mete out a justice as dark as their own tormented souls.

From the wonderfully wretched imaginations of AfterShock horror-alum Cullen Bunn (EDEN, PIECEMEAL, DARK ARK) and Heath Amodio (SuperCLEAN), and illustrated by superstar Sami Kivelä (UNDONE BY BLOOD), in THE HEATHENS, evil meets its match – five of them, to be exact.


“THE HEATHENS is the story of five of history’s most notorious villains, all of them tasked with working together to stop a vicious killer who is so much worse than they are. When the worst human monsters in the world slip free from the afterlife, the Heathens are sent to bring them back. I think readers are really going to love these characters and their adventures, and I’m looking forward to seeing which characters surface as fan-faves!”


“Anyone who is familiar with me as a creator knows I love historical figures and time periods. They also know I love infusing stories featuring those characters and time periods with a healthy dose of the supernatural. Heath brought the seed of this idea to me, and I loved it from the jump. It has history, villains, even worse villains, supernatural worlds, and redemption—everything that I could hope for in a book!”


“It’s definitely nice to have a collaborator to throw ideas back and forth with, and when it comes to scripting, Heath and I are able to back each other up. I write the pages that excite me most. Heath does the same. It’s only when we both want to write the same pages that we have to enter battle-to-the-death mode!”


1. Readers get to see 5 of history’s most notorious men and women take on the most infamous murderer in the world.

2. Tons of kick ass action!

3. Sami and Jason have killed it with the art. The book is gorgeous!


“Everyone at AfterShock has been very supportive from day one. The team’s excitement about this project has been palpable, which really helped to drive the writing. Sami made some great calls with the art, experimenting with the panels and layouts really added to the storytelling. He and Jason did an amazing job bringing our vision to life.”


“Cullen really focuses my writing. I tend to just start writing and whatever’s uncovered is where I go with the story. Cullen is more structured than I am, and that really helps when going back and forth with a story like this. He’s a great writer so working with him the past couple of years has undoubtedly elevated my own storytelling.”

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