The new AfterShock Comics series launches in April.

The Hollywood Reporter:

(January 25, 2019)  The discovery of the secret memoir belonging to the creator of one of the most iconic fictional characters of all time changes everything, in the latest launch from independent comic book publisher AfterShock Comics, which works from the basic question of, “What if Frankenstein was real?” The answer, as it turns out, is the title of the new series: MARY SHELLEY: MONSTER HUNTER.

“How could a twenty-year-old woman write the most famous horror work of all time? Easy, she actually lived it,” teased Adam Glass, one of the two writers on the new series alongside Olivia Cuartero-Briggs, about the project. Hayden Sherman provides art.

“I’m excited for everyone to see who Mary really was,” he added. “Olivia and I did extensive research on the mother of modern horror and she was way ahead of her time, a true feminist pioneer.”

Glass, who’s worked in both television (Supernatural, Cold Case, Criminal Minds) and comic books (Deadpool, Suicide Squad, Teen Titans) for years, discovered co-writer Cuartero-Briggs some time ago in an unexpected manner.

“My wife and I were in Singapore where I was a guest speaker at Tisch Asia, and Olivia was a graduate student there,” he explained. “I read her work and thought she was super talented. So a few years later back in the States, I hired Olivia as the writer’s assistant on a TV show I was co-running and the rest is history, as she’s gone on to work on other shows and staff. One day we were sharing our love for Mary Shelley together — I always wanted to do a story about Mary but never knew how. Once Olivia and I started to talk more about it I felt like we had an approach that was different and called my partners in crime, Aftershock Comics, and they got it right away. But what made this even more special was the idea of being able to help platform a younger writer whom I believe in; I’m excited for everyone to see how talented Olivia is. I think she will become a powerhouse in both comics and TV. You’re welcome, fellow nerds everywhere.”

Cuartero-Briggs is similarly excited about her first comic book project.

“When I was growing up, Archie, and then the Betty and Veronica spinoffs, were really the only comics out there for girls. Everything else was about hulking male superheroes, sometimes featuring scantily-clad female sidekicks. Things have changed a lot in the world of comics, thank goodness, and I am stoked to be contributing comic content by women for women that reflects a real, female experience.”

The first issue of MARY SHELLEY: MONSTER HUNTER will be released April 17, 2019.